Was God known as Lord eternally or after creation?

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I am reading through William A. Jurgen book, “The Faith of the Early Fathers”, currently reading through Tertullian’s treatise called Against Hermogenes, in which he talks about the various titles of God in the opening lines such as Father and Judge. The question I have however is whether the name Lord existed alongside God or whether he was only known as Lord after the creation. Any information clarifying this would be extremely helpful.

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God bless you.

To God there is no “before” or “after” creation, all of time exists simultaneously as an ever-present now. As such, from our perspective He has always been known as “Lord,” or, more appropriately, by the name He gave us to know Him by, “I Am, Who Am.”

To address that, the question could be reformulated as to whether the title Lord can be said in relation to who He is in Himself, or it’s something that only applies in relation to other beings He created. The answer would seem to depend on how we define Lord.

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