Was God punishing me?


I’m gonna be frank in this post. I was in in my senior year of high school. I found the man I knew I was gonna marry. So, toward the end of the school year we found out we were pregnant. We were not planning on this. We ended up having a miscarriage. It broke our hearts. Well, I turned to my Baptist preacher. He went on to tell me that God did this to punish myself, and my now current husband, for having pre-marital relations. We have been married for quite some time now, and have three lovely babies. I still have strong faith in God. However, I cant bring myself to go back to any church. Much less one that would hurt me like that. So, I was wondering, how does the Catholic religion read into this. Sorry if I came of at rude at any point. Just looking for opinions.


‘What the preacher said is inconsistent with our Lord’s requirement that we forgive seventy times seven. The Gospels are full of examples of Jesus forgiving. The only people he condemned were those whose pride caused them to oppose Him.

Once when I was called to see a young woman whose pre-mature baby had died, I learned that upon leaving the hospital she was going to have to drive a long distance with her mother who was telling her that the baby died because it was born out of wedlock. So I sat down on a couch next to the young woman who was holding her lifeless baby in her arms. I gave her absolution for her sins and before offering her the Eucharist, I touched the Host to the baby’s forehead. I then told her that from then on whenever she received her Lord in Holy Communion, she would be as close to her child as she was at that moment. This comfort was to accompany her home in the car with her mother.

None of this is merely my opinion. It is what we believe as Catholics.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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