Was I an accomplice in someone's sin?


I was examining my conscience and came across something that I feel may have been a mortal sin.

Today I was with my friends, and we found a place in a mall to sit down and chat and were sharing things that we did over the Summer. Friend A, who was with me today, liked to write stories, and the subject she wrote about often surrounded strange and crazy love stories about a paranoid girl who is afraid of her boyfriend cheating on her and "disposes" of the "other girl" (such as throwing her off a building or feeding her to zoo animals). I told friend B who I was with about her stories, since I found them to be crazy and amusing, and I wanted to talk about other people I was with instead of constantly talking about myself.

When friend A showed friend B her stories, friend B made an impure comment about them, which I immediately tried to correct and told him that he shouldn't take sinful pleasure in reading the stories. I didn't expect him to make such comments, and I brought up the stories only because I thought they were dumb and somewhat amusing. I then tried to correct it by telling them the Church's teachings on chastity and integration of the will and body... But friend B asked friend A to send the link to read her stories.

__< I'm afraid I committed a mortal sin because I introduced my friend to stories that he took impure pleasure in, and I do regret telling him because the stories were non-beneficial to anyone and were just plain weird. The stories did at times contain questionable content, such as "getting rid of someone"- murder, and paranoid "love", but I wasn't really thinking of it when I brought it up. :(

I didn't really have any qualms about the incident, besides that fact that my friend made a bad comment, until I examined my conscience after our chat and was very worried I had committed a mortal sin. I need answers quick because I'm preparing for Confession and want to know if this is mortal.

Thanks and God bless.


It sounds as though you had no intention or knowledge that the situation would turn out the way it did. You were merely sharing with a friend and had no intent to cause the situation to unfold this way. Using what you have told us, I would say that you did not commit a mortal sin.


It doesn’t sound like you committed any sin at all, mortal or venial. You had no idea your friend would react the way he did to the material you introduced him to as it was not illicit in nature to begin with.


For a sin to be a sin, it has to be intentional. An unrealized secondary effect does not make the initial act a sin. However, with that said, you are still free to confess it if that will give you more peace. You almost certainly don't need to, though, as it was not a sin presented as you presented it to us.


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