Was I calculating with sin?

I am afraid that I may have calculated about sinning on Thursday. Temptations came inside of my head and they started to evolve in part of my mind (now I am afraid that they have maybe evolved in my full mind…). So I got to the situations where my thoughts were like this: “I am not going to sin because I don’t have enough time to enjoy in sin and it would be pitty to ruin my day because of few minutes of pleasure” Of course, if I had these thoughts on purpouse, it would have been sin (flirting with Devil) and I don’t know did I have them on purpouse… Would I have sinned if I had more time…?

Do you have a regular confessor to deal with your scrupulosity? If not, you really need to have one.

Please see a priest. And pray about your scruples in the meantime.

What is required to avoid sin is to not *yield *to the temptation, and to avoid the near occasions of sin (where possible).

Sounds like a temptation to sin that you did not yield to. Sufficient reflection (deliberation), and full consent of the will is required for mortal sin.

Merriam-Webster: deliberate (verb): to think about or discuss something very carefully in order to make a decision.

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