Was I duped to sin by this minister?

I am a Roman Catholic and am planning to get married to my boyfriend who is a Protestant next year. We are due to have an engagement ceremony and he wanted his Protestant pastor to officiate which I agreed with, as he agreed to have our wedding ceremony in a Catholic church.

Before officiating at our engagement , the Protestant pastor said he wanted to speak to both of us, and we went over to his place. I expected him to to speak with us about relationships, commitment, Gods presence, etc. However when I went there he kept asking if I had accepted Jesus as my Saviour , and that he wanted to pray with us. He was also pushing me to get water baptism as God had commanded it.

I told him that as a strong Catholic I had a very personal relationship with Jesus and if he wanted to pray I was fine but I would not agree to water baptism as I had already been baptised as a Catholic. He then started praying and he asked me to repeat after him, which I did.

However after the prayer finished, I realised that what he had prayed was his church’s “prayer of salvation” - which is what people joining their church are asked to pray. I was very upset and angry as I felt I had been duped. i went there expecting general prayer and advice and instead he did this.

My concern now is - whether the fact that I repeated the prayer after the pastor was a sin? I listened closely to the words he asked me to repeat - and it was all about asking Jesus forgiveness for sins, and asking him to come into my life which I had no problem with repeating as I believe Jesus already lives in me anyway . At no point did he ask me to renounce or forsake anything. But for some reason I just feel really really guilty that I repeated this prayer and I feel very low and depressed and dont know what to do.

This pastor is officiating at our engagement this weekend, and I told my boyfriend I have a lot of anger and hurt in my heart towards this pastor and I will only go thru with the engagement service for his sake.

Would really appreciate if I could get the Catholic view of this and advice as to what I should do now as I feel very lost. Fromt my point of view - i just prayed a simple prayer, but from their point of view I did what they wanted, and I feel very wrong about this. Please help me with some advice?

Thank you.

Dear friend,

You did not sin. To sin, one has to deliberately choose to sin. However, it is unfortunate that the minister is causing you so much discomfort.

A bigger question: have you both decided to bring the children up as Catholics? You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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