Was I Forgiven of This Sin?

Hi everyone!

Monday night I committed a sin. I spent Tuesday discerning whether it was a mortal sin and by Tuesday evening I’d concluded that it was. I attended daily Mass on Tuesday morning and received communion. I know that if you commit a mortal sin and don’t know it is mortal sin then you don’t have that sin on your soul, but I felt that I had been fooling myself and known it from the very beginning that it was. Therefore, I was anxious about whether I’d committed the sin of sacrilege.

Fast-forward to today. I went to Confession and confessed my mortal sin. I completely blanked and forgot to mention my (possible) second mortal sin of sacrilege. I waited until everyone one else left and I went back into the confessional and confessed it. The priest told me that I had been forgiven already of all my sins and told me he’d pray for me. He did not give me absolution for the sin of sacrilege.
Now I’m worried that I still have this mortal sin on my soul…or was it a mortal sin at all! Thank you for your help! God bless you!

The priest said you were already forgiven which means he gave you absolution for all sins spoken and unspoken. By your testimony he seemed to be satisfied and as long as you did your penance you are forgiven and have absolution.

Think on it no more and give praise to our loving and forgiving God.

Thank you for your reply! God bless you!

First you forgot to mention it, not purposely omitted it. Forgotten sins are forgiven too even if mortal.

Second the priest said you were fine so that transfers your culpability to him. You are free before God.

Third I fear you may be struggling with scrupulosity and ask that you find one single priest you trust and tell him of your possible scrupulosity and only see him for confession. That way you can discuss what sins are mortal and what are venial and tips to help you overcome scruples.

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