Was I rude in confession?


After the priest absolved me, he said I can go in peace. I did not yet say the Act of Contrition. I asked if I may say the Actvif Contrition before I left and he said yes. Still, was that rude?


Not at all.


No, that wasn’t rude. I usually have to say my Act of Contrition before im absolved. :thinking: idk.


Same here.



Unless your tone of voice was sarcastic and confrontational?


It’s not necessary to say an Act of Contrition in the confessional. If, for example, there are a lot of people in line, saving a bit of time can be helpful. (Think about how many threads you see on here that start by saying someone wanted to go to confession but couldn’t get in before the priest had to leave.) For the sake or other people you can wait for an Act of Contrition until you are out of the confessional. However, if you politely asked if you could say it and the priest said yes, then I wouldn’t say you were rude.


Thank you. Glad to know I wasn’t rude! No I wouldn’t have been sarcastic or confrontational to the priest who just absolved me!


When I lived in San Francisco, my parish had nine priests. There were eight confessionals, and there was a line for all of them every Saturday afternoon. My priest used to absolve me while I was saying the Act of Contrition to save time. I miss my old parish! :disappointed_relieved:


I was asked to say the AOC in the chapel one time when the priest had a huge line. He either forgot or was trying to save time maybe.


Nine priests?


A drunk goes into a confession box.

The priest waits.


The priest waits some more.

More silence.

The priest gives a loud; ‘Ahem!’

Drunk replies: ‘No use coughing mate, there ain’t no toilet paper in here either’



it certainly was not


i lol’d; but that is a little over the top :wink:


I lived in the Italian neighborhood. They took their faith super seriously. Great support from the community.


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