Was i sinning?

Me and my kinda step-brother(my mother and step-father aren’t married) were going jumping off a boat and he didn’t know how to jump off so sometimes when he jumped he cried and got really mad. It looked funny to me so i laughed(i didn’t laugh at his face but to myself). Was i sinning?

Please get help from your priest. You simply cannot come here and ask if every single thing you do is a sin.

We commit venial sins anytime we are not loving God and neighbor with all of our hearts. When you were laughing at him were you showing love or was his frustration entertaining you? Just tell God that you are sorry and then do something nice for your “step-brother”. If you feel that it is more than what you said here then I would talk to a priest in the confessional. But remember, like the other poster said, we do many of these kinds of things all day and we need to grow in our ability to discern what is sin and what is not. God bless you… teachccd :slight_smile:

Or…maybe it was just funny. Relax.

If you weren’t making fun of him to yourself or looking down upon him with contempt, but only found him in his situation to be funny, then I can’t see a sin here. God bless you.

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