Was I wrong to receive Communion today?


Hi all,

Something strange happened to me today during Mass. Actually, this is the second time this has happened to me. Please let me explain:

After a long period of being in mortal sin and not going to confession but still going to Mass I made a firm committment to amend my life 2 weeks ago. I went to confession on Saturday 2 weeks ago and then attended Mass alone on Sunday. During Mass, the Our Father specifically, I felt very weak, lightheaded and shaky. During Consecration I began to shake uncontrollably and started sweating profusely. I thought I was going to faint! I left just as Communion was starting because I thought I would pass out if I went up. I made it home okay and got better afterward.

Today at Mass with my wife and daughter the same thing happened! But this time it happened just as we started the Confiteor. Same exact symptoms. This time I left my wife and daughter and went into the narthex to sit on a bench. I was in terrible shape Very weak, lightheaded and shaky. I stayed there during the Mass and could listen and say the prayers but did not stand or kneel. Just sat there. When Communion started I briskly, but weakly, walked up the aisle and joined my wife and daughter. I felt ill when I received Communion and immediately exited the church.

My question is, was I wrong to receive Holy Communion when I wasn’t feeling good? Did I sin because I didn’t fully participate in the Mass yet received the Eucharist and then immediately left?

I think these two events occurred because I didn’t eat before Mass. I’ve been working out a lot lately and am thinking my body needs more sugars/salts now. It felt like low blood pressure (hypotension). But my concern is whether or not I sinned in receiving Communion while this condition was in progress.

God bless!



My guess is no. If anything, the Eucharist only helped you.


I really don’t think so. And welcome back into the church, by the way!:slight_smile:


Welcome back into the fold indeed:thumbsup:

Stress also may have caused the reaction you have had too, stress can do funny things. And no, you have definitely not sinned in any way. I hope that the condition will pass into the past and memory. But do have it checked out especially if it occurs again.



You didn’t do anything wrong. You went to Mass even if you couldn’t remain in your pew due to illness.

Side note: Your symptoms sound like hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which could be the result of your fasting. Those are the symptoms I watch for in my diabetic husband after he’s had insulin.


I ask the Lord to help you manage whatever is causing you this reaction. I ask the Holy Spirit to heal, fill, and protect you.


Even if you didn’t fully participate in Mass, it shouldn’t be a reason for NOT receiving communion. At least you were there, and before God’s eyes you made the effort to go, and through no fault of your own you felt sick.

Also, remember that people sometimes receive communion outside the mass when they are unable to go by no fault of their own (eg. the priest visits a patient at the hospital and takes communion to him at his bedside).


Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers! I feel much better about the issue now and confident I did not commit a sin.

We have a plan for next Sunday. Get up 2 hours earlier than normal, EAT, honor the 1 hour pre-Communion fast, then sit in the back of the church and see what happens. I’ve never had symptoms of hypoglycemia before but, again, my activity level has changed significantly recently, so maybe eating will help.

God’s blessings to you all and Merry Christmas!!




I think these two events occurred because I didn’t eat before Mass. I’ve been working out a lot lately and am thinking my body needs more sugars/salts now. It felt like low blood pressure (hypotension). But my concern is whether or not I sinned in receiving Communion while this condition was in progress.

You didn’t sin, and my immediate thought was that your blood sugar was too low. This happened to me and I realized that because I was attending the 11AM Mass and not eating breakfast beforehand, my blood sugar was too low.

Now I attend the 8AM Mass and its not a problem to fast until after Mass. Of course my kids are grown and out of the house, so getting up early to get to Mass is a blessing, that people with kids still living at home, most likely can’t do.

Eat a little something 1 hour before Mass. Or, start attending the earliest Mass.



If you think you might be contagious, it might be a good idea to stay away from the chalice out of concern for others. But as you know, you do not need to receive under both kinds.
Other posters are probably right when they say your symptoms are due to stress or low blood sugar. Still, it’s always possible that someone does not want you to “amend your life” and receive the graces we get from the Eucharist.
Either way, you should receive!


My gosh - isn’t anyone going to tell this man to go to the doctor??!! :eek:

If you keep feeling ill like this, you should consider a doctor’s visit just to be sure it isn’t something serious.



…it was advised earlier in this thread, Liza - :slight_smile:


Oops! :blush:



If nausea/likelihood of vomiting is one of your symptoms, I would recommend against receiving Communion.

And do see a doctor if this persists.


Dear trob,

You did not sin by participating in Communion.

What you described sounds like hypoglycemia, the symptoms of which include nervousness, sweating, trembling, and weakness.

I would definitely seek a doctor’s advice. Other folks had some good advice on timing your meals so the one hour fast doesn’t make your blood sugar drop so low.


:thumbsup: …I am a consistent Oooops!:blush: person meself, Liza:)


I don’t believe I have a communicable illness. I believe the first two instances were low blood sugar. However, these did start right after I returned to the confessional with a firm committment to amend my life. We went to Mass last night after I’d eaten normally all day. We sat in the back where it would be easy and out of sight of most people if it happened again. This time it started to happen and I was able to shake it off. This may have been pure anxiety due to the other two instances. It felt just like stage fright this time, which I am VERY familiar with. Just tell me I have to give a speech and I fall apart immediately.

or, maybe the Evil One is trying to keep me from receiving Christ at Mass. Who knows? Either way, I’ll keep truckin’ along, sitting in back, until I feel it’s no longer an issue.

Thanks again all!!



it sounds like anxiety to me, but perhaps seeing a doctor is a good idea.

If it is anxiety, relax!

Mass should be a joyful experience and it should relieve stress, not cause it.

God Bless


I know it, Jim!! :slight_smile: I love the Mass and have attended pretty much every Sunday and Holy Day for the past 15 years; even during my dark period of mortal sin. I figured if I could still pray every day while in sin I could still attend Mass (but not receive). Maybe my own head is playing with me since going to Confession and making this firm commitment to stop habitual sin. Maybe something in me is saying “you’re not worthy!!!”, but then I’ve always heard that voice.

I pulled myself out of it last night by taking my eyes off the Tabernacle and looking around a bit, bending my knees, etc. and telling myself “geez! this is Mass!! You do this all the time why freak out now??”. Some deep breaths (which got my wife looking at me concerned) and I was okay. My legs continued to feel shaky throughout but I remained and recieved Holy Communion. I was joyful on shaky legs afterward.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe this commitment to change my life feels so strange and wonderful, like a very mild spiritual ecstasy. I’ve tried this before but not with a very firm purpose like I feel now.

Please pray for me as I do for all of you! I’m not in trouble, but just want to not pass out at Mass!! :o



To avoid an Angela’s Ashes situation? Anyone whose read the book will know exactly what I mean…

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been five seconds since my last confession…”

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