Was Islam spread by the sword?

Hi everyone. Before I start this thread, I want to lay out one rule. I only want Catholics and non-Catholic Christians to respond to this thread. I am not interested in debate between Muslims and Catholics or non-Catholic Christians.

So, I ask, was Islam spread by the sword or did it spread peacefully? :shrug::confused:

Yes, at times it was. No question.

Even now, in many areas, it is sustained by violence or the threat of it.

In some places it spread peacefully, in others it was spread by conquest and bloodshed.

Ok but do you have a source for your information? Preferably a non-biased source?

Does it matter? Do you really think your religion was spread peacefully?

ETA: if you also need references you can go to your local college western civ book or professor.

There’s book that details the fist 150 years or so of the spread of Islam. It’s called by Hugh KennedyThe Great Arab Conquests: How Islam Changed the World We Live In. It gives the best history of the spread of Islam that I so far have read. It covers actual accounts that were written during the time of the conquests in the 7th and 8th centuries. It may surprise many that when the Arabs, and it was about being Arab and not the spread of Islam, went out, they were more interested in gaining material goods (though the accounts show how Arabs went after riches but spurned them in their historical accounts) and demonstrating that Arabians were now a group to respect than spreading Islam. I suggest reading the book. It is a history so it may be boring reading for some.

My religion??? You didn’t see that I am a Catholic? :shrug::confused:

Yes, I saw that. :wink:

Well, I’m honestly looking for an Internet article. Preferably one that isn’t very long too. I ask for an Internet article because I don’t have the money to buy a book and I am looking for a quick answer.

Ok, then why did you refer to it as “your religion”? :shrug::confused:

It was in Persia. And in Spain. And in Roman Africa. And in Hungary, Constantinople, Trebizond, Otranto, And elsewhere. Islam has a history of being able to find capable military leaders: Mohammed, Saladin (d.1193), Mohammed “the Conqueror” (reigned 1451-81), Suleiman “the Magnificent” (d.1565). Whatever else they were, they were not pacificists. Half Europe was under Ottoman control, which was gained by conquest - ask the Orthodox.

Google is your friend.:thumbsup:

I tried Google and mostly came up with Muslim articles saying that Islam wasn’t spread by the sword.

Why tell Holly who is catholic like you supposedly are, "Do you really think **your religion ** was spread peacefully? What do you mean by “your religion” isn’t it your religion too? Honestly, Jastor, why even pretend you’re Catholic when you’re obviously not.

I would recommend reading books from Robert Spencer (go on Amazon), or better yet go on, “Jihadwatch” or “dhimmiwatch”. You will find it very informative.

Ok thank you Josie. :slight_smile:

There is some truth to that. If possible, you might be able to find the book at your local library. I don’t buy books anymore so I discovered this one at the library. I’ll give you a short synopsis/summary of The Great Arab Conquests by Hugh Kennedy.

In areas like Syria, Israel, Lebanon, the Arabs (and there is a difference) came in and basically said pay us or die. They decided to pay though there were battles. Force was used but I can’t remember details so I won’t speak to what I can’t remember. There is an account by an Orthodox monk about the conquering of Syria (I don’t remember the place for sure) and about how the Arabs acted.

There’s several accounts of the conquest of Damascus that argue over which gate the Arabs had gone through and if they had surrendered before or after the Arabs had entered the city (before meant they only had to pay tribute; after meant destruction, death, or the “offer” of conversion). They set up a mosque in a part of a church, left a garrison, and left. Did that up and down the Mediterranean seaboard.

In cities where there was a Jewish population, the agreement that the citizens in the city made with the Arabs was to kick all the Jews out of town and if they didn’t leave then they were to be killed. They also did this with other groups. They made that agreement a lot (unfortunately it came from an agreement the Christians had made with regards to Jerusalem). The Arabs left the infrastructure in tact and left a garrison in place to keep the peace. The area had been under so many different occupations over the centuries that a new occupier was not that big of deal at the time. Syria became the home of rich Arabs (trade routes were largely based there) and so more and more converted.

Arabs didn’t want people converting to Islam because that would mean the tribute and money would dry up. Arabs went out on conquest for booty (of the pirate variety) because there wasn’t anything at home for them.

Iraq converted and so did parts of Iran after the destruction of the Sassanians. There was force used in these regions. The Berbers in Northern Africa were the largest group to convert but they did so of their own freewill.

Eventually, about a century after Muhammad died, the situation was so bad that if you wanted to survive or have a job or eat, being a Muslim was the only way possible. The corruption of government had gotten so bad and the taxes so high that being a Muslim was the only way to live.

I would suggest to you and to all, read a book called “Jihad In The West”, by Paul Fregosi. See if you can get it out of the public library if you are not able to buy books. It is a lively, readable history book, with short chapters, so you can read a little at a time. The author doesn’t seem to have any particular bias; I would say his religion, if he has any, is journalism.

I first encountered the book at Borders in the late 1990s but didn’t buy it. After 9/11 it oddly disappeared from bookstore shelves, but I was able to order it (from Barnes & Noble).

You will find very credibly in the book that the answer to your initial question is “yes.”

I think every American should read this book.

** In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , Ever Merciful **


This is an open forum . U started a thread where Christian participants will bash Islam & u won’t allow Muslims to protest ??? woow that’s very nice of u :stuck_out_tongue:

You looking for an article like this?


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