Was it a mortal sin to see an inappropriate video?

Ok. So I was in a skype call with my friend and he told me to watch this music video. He told me to watch it to the end and that I should just stick through watching it even though it is kind of weird. So I started watching it and I realized that it was really suggestive. About a minute in it turned into porn almost except obviously no nudity was shown. I told him it was disgusting and he said "oh keep watching I know its bad but just watch until the end. After watching for 10 more seconds I realized this was more or less pornography and told him it was weird and I stopped watching it. When I watched it I had absolutely no clue I was be committing a mortal sin, and when it got pornographic I still had no idea I just thought it was all in this art form of the video but it still disgusted me. Looking back I am thinking that it might have actually been a mortal sin and would count as me watching pornography. At the time I had not the slightest clue and I didn’t plan on watching it and I just want some peace of mind as to whether or not this was a mortal sin. Thanks!


For a sin to be mortal, it has to be seriously sinful in itself, the person must know this, AND he must freely choose to sin.

You didn’t know what was coming and you did not freely choose to watch it. So you didn’t sin. But from now on, you know that you cannot trust your friend.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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