Was it a sin to do this?


Hi, just a quick warning that this question might seem ridiculous but since I am too embarrassed to ask a priest here it goes: some days ago I cut a cake with a plastic card that had a picture of Jesus and Mary on it (we thought there weren´t any knives). At first I didnt see the picture (I think, cant remember exactly) and only a little later did it occur to me this might have been irreverent…was it a venial sin (yes I did skip Communion because of this….)? Thanks in advance!


OP, you say in other posts you’re scrupulous. You need to bring this up with a Priest and rely on him for spiritual direction, no matter how embarrassing or trivial you think it may be. Your scruples won’t improve until you have offline help from a person you trust and who is trained to help you. Please talk to your Priest.


If 100 people post it isn’t a sin but 10 people say it is, who will you believe. You cannot form your conscience by pulling strangers on the internet. Please use logic to discern sin.


You have identified as scrupulous. You should speak to your priest about these kinds of things, and not ask on the internet. Asking questions on online forums will get you a variety of responses, many contradictory, and many from people unqualified to help you in the formation of your conscience. As a result, this will only exacerbate the scruples and stunt the formation of conscience.

You are in my prayers.



Were you purposely trying to offend Jesus or disrespect Him?
I doubt it.
Be at peace…


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