Was it right to not take communion?

Hello all, I had a question about a circumstance I found myself in this weekend.

I struggle with a particular sin which, when indulged, prevents me from receiving the Eucharist. This Sunday morning, I found myself unable to receive. I spoke to my confessor shortly before mass, but unfortunately, he was able to do a confession with me before the mass. What struck me as odd though is that he told me to go ahead and receive. This seemed odd to me because, by my own admonition, I was in a state of mortal sin.

I debated with myself back and forth, and in the end decided not to partake of the Eucharist, as I did not feel that i was in a proper state to do so.

My question is, would it have been alright to take the Eucharist, since the priest told me it was ok?

When in doubt, I err on the side of caution and do not receive. There is nothing wrong with NOT receiving, so long as you receive the minimum the Church requires. Follow your conscience. When you go to your confessor for confession, ask him to clarify what he had intended.

you really need to ask this question to your pastor. There may be more to the story we do not know, like your history with this confessor and any scrupulous tendencies you may have. Your confessor may have had good reason to give you the counsel he did.

We really cannot advise you here.

alright, I try to ask him next time I go to confession. Thank you both ^^

sounds like you did the right thing, I would have done the same thing myself

but then again thats only based off the little info you provided

There is that rule about if you try to go to confession but the priest can’t then you can receive. Maybe he was referring to that. But as others have said the Church only asks that we receive one a year. We are lucky that God allows us weekly and even daily Communion:signofcross: with Him! :signofcross:

By not receiving sometimes, it can act as a powerful act of humility.

The devil hates humility and loves gray areas where all sorts of rationalizations and excuses and dimunition of apparent sin can flourish.

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