Was It the Lord?

Three years ago, just before I was entering 9th grade, I asked God to give me a sign that I was meant to be His Bride. The next day, at Mass, I felt as if the Holy Spirit had literally walked through me. My heart was on fire with love and appreciation and gratitude. I told God that I was completely His from that moment on. I didn’t know it then but I have since found out I am bipolar. I wasn’t “hearing the voice of God” or anything that seemed potentially psychotic. Do you think this was a religious experience or the manifestation of hypomania?
Thanks for your input!:thumbsup:

Oh that was the Lord alright no doubt about it my friend:D

There’s just no way for anyone on this board to tell. I would recommend talking to a spiritual director about it. Even if it were not a religious experience and was simply your emotions, that does not rule out the religious life. It’s not about being caught up in emotions, but about living the evangelical counsels.

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