Was it wrong for me to just walk away?

Today is a game day at my college, which means what it implies. This morning I saw a guy lying in the grass clearly intoxicated and I just walked past him. Then a little later I saw a girl by herself trying to walk also obviously intoxicated and I also just walked by her. I even thought that I should have done something. Especially since they could have seriously harmed themselves or other people might have come along and done harm to them. I’m thinking I could have at least asked them if they were ok or even call a cab for them.

This probably happens all the time, especially at my college. And in all likelihood they’re fine now, or somebody else helped them, or they managed to stumble to a safer place. However, I am not sure that just walking away was not not a wrong thing to do.

I brlieve there is a parable about a poor man lying in the street and the pharisees just walked by him sinilarly but somebody else came along and helped that man and the person that actually stopped to help was the blessed one, or something like that.

What should I have done? Was this sinful in any way?

I don’t know if walking by was a sin or not, I will not be the judge of that.

But you absolutely should have done something to help. Would you have done anything if he was obviously bleeding or had a broken leg? If you did not want to physically help them by picking them up and dealing with them to get them to their dorm or to the infirmary, you could have at least called campus security and said there is a drunk guy lying on the grass outside the dorm.

How would you feel if you later learned he died of alcohol poisoning because no one DID anything? This can and does happen to students that have no legal right to be drinking in the first place. But whether or not they should be drinking is not the issue. This is a person’s life you could be saving.

You stated that it was a ‘game’ night at your college – so students would be getting intoxicated. At Some point, college students / well / people in general Need to learn - sometimes the Hard way - about Negative consequences of their behavior. The guy you came across who was laying on the ground. Contacting campus police would have been a good plan – in an intoxicated state - You could have been His victim. The young lady staggering along – again the campus police. At least You had the common sense to Not follow That crowd – you stayed sober. You’re in college to get a Positive education. :thumbsup:

Laying in sweet smelling soft grass while intoxicated and looking at the sky are amongst the fondest of my memories :smiley: There’s something magical about it hah

Im sure they’re fine, I wouldn’t worry about it. But yeah, as you said yourself. Asking if they’re allright wouldn’t have hurt :stuck_out_tongue: Take in what you feel now. So you can use it in future situation.

I don’t think you sinned.

My son would most likely have helped them… even if he didn’t know them… but that is my son.

Sometimes, I think he helps people in places that are not so safe for him. When he does help others, he also has a sense of his own safety and what to do, along with the spiritual world around him. He keeps a keen sense of awareness around him. I trust his judgment, even if I would advise him against it.

I’m sure he would not recommend for everyone to do what he does.

For you, I think it was something you notice and are now thinking about. That’s a good thing. It gives you a chance to think about how to respond to different type scenarios… location, time of day, number of people involved, who is involved, etc. You can formulate a plan and then put it into action if you feel called to do so. That being called to do so, means at that very moment… not what someone wrote to you on the internet.

You can speak with the campus police, dorm RD, and your campus priest to ask their opinion of what to do when you encounter drunk students.

Always pay attention to your “gut instinct”. If you feel you should move along or move away fast… do so. Our angels help us interpret the spiritual world that is going on around us. Never feel you should do anything that brings you that “uneasy” feeling. You may be called to simply make a phone call to campus security for the protection of the student.

Absolutely NOT a sin.

You probably could have asked if they needed help.

It’s true that someone can learn from their mistakes, if you leave them to stew in it. But it’s also true that someone can learn more from the beautiful compassion of a stranger.

You shouldn’t bail Drunk Dave out of the lawn every weekend, but if he’s only been there once, maybe you can give him a hand.

Not a sin, probably should have asked if they needed help.

This is obviously troubling you and as previous Posts have said it can be a difficult situation. Are there other students who feel the same way? If so, perhaps you could band together to form a “drunk patrol” (polite name is Street Pastors) when needed.

If this seems appealing, have a word with your priest as I am sure that there are Christian Street Pastor groups in the USA. Our UK ones have volunteers from all denominations. The volunteers receive training and counseling and are supported by a second group tucked away praying. It is safer than being on your own. My brother is a volunteer and manages a couple of nights a month.

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