Was it wrong of me to turn down an invitation to a vocations retreat?


On another thread, I mentioned that a priest invited me to a vocations retreat on New Year’s Day. Yesterday, I turned down the offer. Today, I watched the Pope’s address, which called out Catholics to take action against our sinful culture, and that the time is now.

I really feel like I have offended God by not going on that retreat. One of the ways that the devil tempts us is by convincing us that we have all the time in the world. That is exactly what I was thinking when I turned down the invite. I’m only 18, but I feel that I have disobeyed God. Thoughts?


Men and woman today have various apostolate vocations for the Church. Perhaps think of it that way, relax and see if the invitation still stands.

I’d imagine it’s a “Who, what, when, where and how” about vocations. And, that knowledge will always come in helpful to gain a deeper understanding of the Church.


It was definitely not wrong of you to turn down the priest’s invitation to go on the retreat. It was your choice. I’m wondering, though, from your soundings of guilt, whether you’ll always wonder what you missed, and be sorry that you didn’t accept. If you’ve ever had thoughts of a religious life, this might be your chance to feel a little more certain, one way or the other. The retreat wouldn’t be a commitment, just an opportunity to enlighten yourself on your future, whatever that might be. It’s still your call. Good luck and God bless.


I think you found the problem. I feel like I’ve got it in my head that this retreat means I’m signing up for the seminary, which obviously isn’t so. I told the priest to let me know when the next one is. I feel like now that I know they offer these, I would be more comfortable on the next one. I was like that on my first retreat of any kind; I turned it down the first time, and went on it again a year later.


You’re young and not willing to commit. That’s fine – and normal. Any long-term commitment takes a lot of thought, prayers, time and patience. Even if you entered a seminary, it would be years before you took any vows. Keep praying. If the Lord is calling you, He will let you know. You won’t be afraid, but eager to commit. In the meantime, take every opportunity offered to help you know what is being offered, and if it’s what you feel drawn to.


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