Was it wrong of my priest to do this?

My sons have gone through and finishing Catholic Schools and I can rest assure you that any Catholic School is careful about who is suppose to receive any sacrament administered in the school. When enrolling, the first thing one must have if claiming to be Catholic is a copy of the baptism certificate. Likewise, a list of when and where other sacraments have happen such as first communion etc. The children in my sons’ classes who weren’t Catholic certainly did not get in line for the Eucharist to receive, they were not taken to confession etc. So one can try an have a discussion about can a non-Catholic go to confession but you need to have an accurate situation not this made up scandal that this poster seems to be into. This poster’s thread about relics on ebay from the vatican was shut down. This poster also started a thread about Pope Alexander trying to cause a stir. This poster has something up the crawl obviously. This poster has likewise commented on threads dealing with intimacy so he or she is obviously not a child in a Catholic school.

Baptism is a gateway sacrament. You cannot recieve the other sacraments without it. You can walk into a confessional. You can confess sins, you can recieve prayers and advice. But you are not “going to confession” and you cannot have your sins forgiven. Without baptism you would still have original sin anyway.:shrug:

My advice. Become baptised and Catholic. Why would you not?

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