Was Jesus a Buddhist monk?

Look, I know maybe this question has popped up continuous times before, but please, I hope you guys will be good enough to give me a solid answer to this scenario.

I live in Sri Lanka, a Buddhist country. Us Catholics and Christians are a minority, and we have lived in peace for generations in this tiny island.

But, as of lately some radical buddhist monks have started spreading a message of hate, and target religious minorities, like muslims and catholics, saying that our faith is nothing but made up stories with no scientific backing what so ever.

The other day, a buddhist friend of mine, challenged me with a video documentary which aired on BBC some time ago, which sights Jesus as a follower of the Buddha, and I was supposed to respond to this. personally, I do not believe the nonsense in this video.


I’m not sure if the above link will work in here, but it’s what He gave me.

My faith remains strong, for i know the wonders My God has done form me, But I wish to have a solid answer to give these infidels, so that they would just leave me and my catholic friends alone.

The following link should help answer your question about Buddhism. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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