Was John McCain Pro-life or Pro-choice?


Was he pro-life?
The bible says be angry but don’t let the Sun come down on you right.
Was McCain always angry at President Trump and is that considered a sin?
It seemed he died yelling at Trump still.
Just wondering


I am not sure where McCain stood on
pro-life or pro-choice.
I know he planned his funeral and who he
wanted to speak and who he did not want
to invite.
It was very sad to see how the services were so politicized that is why there was so much media coverage because they knew there would be Trump bashing. I
felt sorry for Cindy McCain. I bet she is glad it is all over with.


I cannot endure the bahvior and decisions of President Trump. But taking swipes at him at this funeral was uncalled for and actually shifted attention. Very distracting for the grieving process. Too bad.


i feel sorry for both mrs. mccain’s


Is this the “Let’s take a swipe at the Dead guy because he didn’t worship our saviour Donald Trump” thread? Classy folks, real classy.


Wait… what? So is this thread supposed to be about McCain’s abortion politics or about his opinions on Trump?


In 2008, when Mr. McCain ran for President, he was certainly pro-life.

Whether he changed his attitude since, or will in the future posthumously ( by the actions of his political heirs), is something I don’t know.

The fact he was an angry man and has been for many years, doesn’t change those facts


I felt sorry for his 106 yr old mother. God bless her.

Don’t know much about the first wife but was very proud of Cindy McCain. True class.


John McCain was pro-life.


I don’t see why anyone would want someone at their funeral who had publicluly disrespected their military service. Not wanting that is hardly “yelling.”


He was pro-life. I don’t see what that has to do with Trump. That being said,



@MamasBoy33 , why do you ask in the title " Was John McCain Pro-life or Pro-choice? " and then in the OP go on about other stuff ?

When you say “Just wondering” suspicious old crocks like me start to “just wondering” about your agenda .

As for Senator John McCain , being a non-USA citizen I know little about him , though I do respect him for coming out of his ordeals in Vietnam with a desire to serve his country in the way he has . Some Americans may not like his politics , but I am one of those who think that most , not all , politicians do believe that the policies they pursue are the best ones for their country .


Agree, this is so tacky and the opposite of charity :frowning:


I think he was pro life to a certain degree. Keep in mind that criticism does not always mean hatred, whether it’s Trump or even the pope. Sometimes people have harsh criticism because they want to do the right thing and raise issue of something they think is wrong. We don’t always have to agree with them, but it isn’t always “hatred.”

God in his mercy gave McCain time in death to sort out whatever affairs he needed sorting and we place him and his matters into God’s hands.

Pray for him and all departed souls.


Although Sen. McCain did start that feud with Mr. Trump.

McCain called President Trump’s supporters “crazies”, provoking Trump to jab back.

But this is what McCain apparently wanted, for his funeral to become a political event like his colleague Paul Wellstone’s was before him back in 2002


John McCain I think sacrificed a lot for his country, certainly more than most and should be admired for dedicating his life to public service. However, this year long planning of his own funeral down to the minute detail seemed to me to be an act of self indulgence.


If you read his story. John McCain went in to politics for money and power. His willingness to be part of the keating politics is a prime example.

Keating gave John money for his campaign. A sweetheart deal to his father-in-law and kept John in tow through keating sponsored vacations


John McCain was pro-life.


How very unlike other politicians. :roll_eyes:


Perhaps, but McCain had a successful funeral, without a doubt. Men of the same stature who passed on enjoyed a whole lot less coverage than Mr. McCain. Do you remember the funerals of Byrd, Kennedy, Lautenberg or Inouye? A lot of CAF readers might not realize all these prominent senators have all died.

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