Was John the Baptist born without original sin?

I was speaking with a family the other day, and he mentioned to me that St. John the Baptist was born without Original Sin. I responded and said, absolutely not! However, he proceeded to show me the Gospel passage that talks about the Visitation, and how the baby within Elizabeth “lept” because she was filled with the Holy Spirit. He interpreted that since she was filled with the Holy Spirit, that John the Baptist was at that moment cleansed of Original Sin, and therefore, born without Original Sin. As I continued to argue that this was not true, he kept saying that it is not an official Church teaching, but that the Church “tilts” in this direction. Could you please help to clarify this for me?

Also, in this same conversation, he went on to tell me that Mary and Jesus are the only 2 bodies in Heaven… I see that! But he also said that the souls in Heaven are not with Jesus and Mary - that they are somehow in Heaven, but in a different place. Again, something I’ve never heard before. Can you please help to clarify this as well?

The following link should answer your question about John the Baptist. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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