Was John the Baptist born without sin?

First, Thank you for taking my question.
I am an RCIA sponser and I have learned so such but; my problem is I sometimes feel that I am out of my league in this field. I use the Cathachism and the Bible for all of my answers so I feel pretty confortable that the answers I am giving are well structured. On the other hand, and this is my problem/question:

One of the sponsers yesterday told the class that not only was our Blessed Mother born with out sin as was her Son, but that John the Baptist was also born without original sin becasue when Mary visited Elizabeth and he jumped in her womb this somehow erased his original. I was so shocked that I could not even think or even try to find the correct answear. Please help me with this. I am very concerned and worried about the teachings of this individual. We have a class tonight at 6:00 pm and I really need something that I can take to her.

Thank you

Dear Raquel,

That person is correct. Church Tradition explains that Mary was conceived without sin while John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit when he leapt in his mother’s womb at the approach of Jesus in Mary’s womb. So both Mary and John were born without original sin, but only Mary was conceived with out sin.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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