Was just listening to Mormon General Conference (wife is LDS)

And the talk was basically bragging about how other Christians don’t typically make the kind of sacrifices that the LDS reguarly do (although the speaker granted that there may be some individual Christians who serve lifelong missions or religious vocations), that no organization can compare with the LDS Relief Society, etc. Are they kidding? The people in my own parish prove that false. Christians of all stripes devote their entire lives to serving God and sacrifice for others. Maybe the LDS speaker was confusing telling their members how to serve (visit the families on your list, serve a mission or face social stigma, never turn down a calling, pay your tithing or you can’t attend your child’s temple marriage) with true service that comes from the heart and does not need to be compelled. Sometimes it seems that the Mormons are living in their own little bubble.

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As much as I disagree with them I’ll give Mormons this, they do sacrifice. Most boys spend two years isolated from their families on a mission trip that they pay for, and many girls do too. Most of them do tithe the full 10% (most other religious people don’t) and almost all of their members are involved in relief society. Most other churches only have a small portion of their congregation that serve in things like that. Its church on Sunday and then they’re done.

Not to mention how they all follow the word of wisdom. Seriously, they abstain from coffee and tea, while many Catholics won’t give up birth control and many Baptists drink.

I used to live next door to a LDS Stake House and I’d often see a bunch of guys in suits outside during their loooong sessions having a quick smoke.

That being said, they are human just like us!

The one thing I dislike about General Conference weekend here in Utah is the rain. It always rains on GC weekend and a storm is blowing in tonight, rain tomorrow.

I think it has rained every GC weekend since we have lived here which is 6 years ago.

There is a saying here in Utah “When the Mormons meet the heavens weep.”

At least they will have the billion dollar shopping mall to visit while they are at the conference center downtown.:smiley:

Yes that was Dallin H Oaks. He’s one of the higher LDS General Authorities that is sometimes in the news for saying things he probably ought not. He’s the one that was brought to the fore either last year or 2010 for saying that the struggle against gay marriage for Christians was equivalent to the struggle for civil rights for blacks.

I noticed that! When I was still a mostly TBM and moved to UT in 2008 I didn’t have a ticket for conference so I went down and waited in line starting at about 6:30am. It was COLD! There were already about 40 people in line ahead of me. I didn’t get in that session so I ended up watching the first two Sat sessions in the North Temple Visitors Center and the Priesthood session in the theater of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. What part of the Valley do you live in?

Ok…first, as a former LDS who served a mission…it is not that much of a sacrifice. First, it is expected. And those who do not want to go are put on horrible guilt trips. They go between freshman and sophomore year of college…no big sacrifice. It is a really good time. Even though I am not LDS, I STILL say the time I was a missionary was the two of the best two years of my life. Again, no big sacrifice. Now, that said, when I went, it WAS a sacrifice. I was 24 when I went, 26 when I came back. While all the others were 19 and in college, I was a college grad who quit a job and left a fiance’ behind. I sold my car to afford it. But, most make little sacrifice.

As to Word of Wisdom, as a Mormon, I noticed a small percentage that actually followed it. They might not drink coffeee, but will grab a daily frap.

Lets just have some perspective here.

Just the usual Mormon arrogance.

I probably shouldn’t have posted in the heat of the moment. Mormons are generally decent people. I’m a former Mormon myself (returned missionary). It just rubbed me wrong to hear a message that was basically: we Mormons are better than other people. Self-praise is always annoying especially when its based on comparisons with others.

Isn’t that what GC is for? To show that they are the true church by drawing comparisons on why that’s true? Its interesting to see GC through exMormon eyes now.

I have often wondered if GC was designed to hypnotize the members. Just listen. Everyone has that same cadence and lilt. They all sound the same…that slow and intoned talk

It seems like in Mormonism all the sacrifice is designed to be seen by men. That’s just my perspective on it.

IMO what they do with their relief society and the missions and everything else, they’ve got a right to brag. Mormons do these things voluntarily while we can barely get people to help out at times in our parish. I admire their organization and structure.

Technically, yes, it’s voluntarily. However, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to do these things “voluntarily” and truth be known, if one doesn’t, one is stigmatized by the community.

So, it’s conference weekend, and I didnt even know. Yes; I am fully recovered from that part of my life. :smiley:

So if you are out with your partner (mormons go out on missionary in twos) and both of you want to get a beer. . . . does that happen? Would make the mission a little bit more fun I think. :smiley:

Agreed. As a Home Teacher, if I did not visit all my families, I could not get my temple rec. Without a temple rec, I could not go to temple. If I could not go to temple, I could not go to heaven

That is why you always have a companion. So at least one can make the other follow the rules

But what if both of you want to make the most out of a, likely boring, situation.

Just to be clear, it is not boring. You work from sunup to sundown. It is great work. You feel as if you are doing God’s work.

Now, I DID know of two sister missionaries who both decided to break the rules and it was severe enough that they were sent home.

Did you ever meet any African American Mormons?

I’ve noticed that a lot of Mormons are blonde, and tall.

Where did you get this?

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