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Some guy was a guest on an AM radio show, speaking about the dead sea scrolls and all the theories, and how scholars have a hard time interpreting the meaning of some text because they are so used ‘religous’ interpretation and arent used to ‘alien’ like encounters…

So anyway, the ‘expert’ mentioned some fragments to the book of enoch and the book of the father of moses having some E.T like texts…and he read a passage which sounded like a U.F.O sighting, atleast that was his opinion. So I decided to find the text online and see if it read how the guy read it… seemed tampered with on the radio, but anyway, heres what he read.

“As they rise, a whispered divine voice [is heard], and there is a roar of praise. When they drop their wings, there is a [whispere]d divine voice. The cherubim bless the image of the throne-chariot above the firmament, [and] they praise the majesty of the luminous firmament beneath his Seat of glory. When the wheels advance angels of holiness come and go. From between His glorious wheels there is as it were a fiery vision of most holy spirits. About them, the appearance of rivulets of fire in the likeness of gleaming brass… The spirits of the living ‘gods’ move perpetually with the glory of the marvellous chariots. The whispered voice of blessing accompanies the roar of their advance… When the ascend, they ascend marvellously, and when they settle they stand still.”

He also read about descriptions of ‘reptilian’ humans and ‘fallen angels’ being e.ts cousin :smiley:


seems to be an interesting topic…hope you guys stuff to share.

My question, which may be a stupid one, but I havent read anything on seintology (if thats even how you spell it), but do these dead sea scrolls have any influence on this tom cruise religion?



Back in the 60’s there was a guy named VanD… something or other who theorized that the earth had been visited by advanced aleins who left certain signs behind them like the statues on Easter Island which didn’t have a good explanation at the time. I am quite certain that the Dead Sea documents were not left by aliens nor did they describe alien space ships. They were written and kept by the Essenes a branch of Judaism that had a complex of buildings close by the caves. The Essene community was wiped out by the Romans about 70AD when they put down a palestinian revolt. I think you will find that Scientology is a bunch of bunk that preys upon the gullible and those who feel they cannot live under the restraints and rules of a legitimate religion.



You must be thinking of Erich von Daniken who wrote a series of books beginning with Chariots of the Gods? . Somebody wrote an excellent rebuttal called Crash Go the Chariots. This radio show sounds like more of the same, or perhaps exactly just the same thing warmed over for a new generation.

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Yes, Liberian, you are correct. Thank you.


The “Church” of Scientology is based on the “religious” writings of sci fi writer L. Ron Hubbard. His book “Dianetics” is considered a “sacred text” in Scientology. In a promotional book of theirs that I have in my library, they consider Jesus just a great teacher (who seems to approve of Scientology), not God the Son. From what I’ve read about Scientology, the Dead Sea Scrolls seem to have zero influence on them. You may want to run a search on the Catholic Answers website to see if they have any detailed articles on Scientology. The Christian Research Institute is another good place to check.

Side note: you may also want to get a copy of The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible that’s widely available. I found it interesting. God bless!


I appreciate all the feedback, but I must say I added in the question last minute, as I realized the scientology-alein connection. Im sure I could find and absorb all the facts and basic info there is to know about scientology in an evening if I wanted to, but im good right here :slight_smile:

thanks all!!

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