Was marriage always a sacrament?

One of the attendees in RCIA class Wednesday asked the question: “Wasn’t marriage always a sacrament, even before Christ ?”

So I looked it up and this is the best I can come up with and was hoping some more properly catechized Catholic friends could clarify:

Unlike baptism or confirmation, the grace of marriage is passed between spouses (CCC 1615). So my understanding is that God instituted Marriage with Adam and Eve, but Original Sin removed us from a state of Grace and that made marriage incomplete (lacking grace). This would follow why Moses instituted laws of divorce in Deuteronomy 24. Christ then revoked the Mosaic Law on Marriage and Divorce in Matthew 19, followed that with his Sacrifice, and returned Marriage to it’s fullness.

Am I even close ? This has been bugging me for two days now! :stuck_out_tongue:

God Bless and belated Happy New Year!

In the sense of the Christian Sacrament …no it was not. It was raised to being a Sacrament by Christ.

Before that it was a natural gift of God. Marriages were “natural marriages” …just as today the same is true if the parties are not both baptized. In order for it to be a sacramental marriage both persons need to be baptized…

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