"Was Marx a Satanist?"


Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, prisoner in Communist Romania, friend of Archbishop Sheen, started the speculation that Karl Marx was not just an atheist but a Satanist. Any comments?

Sounds straight out of stream-of-consciousness 19th century conspiracy theory stuff.

Marx wanted to create a utopia, a heaven on earth. His motives were probably good, although he was partly driven by hatred to those who exploited the working classes, and his doctrine certainly had Satanic elements in it, but so do all godless philosophies. I have heard of prominent communists apparently being driven not by atheism but by a hatred of God, but I don’t know how credible these reports are.

A very short answer to that: No.

I think today people are becoming far too comfortable making emotionally motivated positive assertions which cannot be substantiated. Every day I hear people on TV and the radio insisting that this or that liberal politician is not just liberal, but a Marxist, or a socialist, or a communist, and so on. It is not enough that they are liberal, one must now exaggerate and ascribe numerous and much more dramatic sounding labels to them which rarely if ever apply. What people don’t consider is how this weakens the meanings of the words. For instance, after hearing our current quite liberal president called a communist for years, even though 90% of his policies are almost identical to something Republicans wanted just a few years ago, people will no longer be shocked when a real Marxist stands up and runs for office. They will associate that label with mere liberals. And, for my money, the same situation applies with Marx himself in this regard. Satanism is not just to be unmoved by Christian values, or even to be opposed to them actively, but is rather a system of worship or religious activity motivated by devotion to the Devil himself. Unless somebody can demonstrate that Karl Marx had an altar to the Devil in his basement this sounds like just more exaggeration.

So being a “marxist” wasn’t bad enough?:stuck_out_tongue:

No, he arrived at “Marxism” through philosophy (from Hegelian dialectics and “materialism”) and observation (walking round Manchester UK with Engels during the industrial revolution).

BTW the Soviet Union had very little in common with Marxism, or rather had as much in common with Marxism as Westboro Baptist Church has in common with Catholicism.

God hates the bourgeoisie! Well, Marxism was the official ideology of the Soviet Union, but since Marxist communism is a Sola Scriptura philosophy, there’s a million ways in which it could be interpreted.

Actually, you’d have to add ‘Leninism’ (‘Marxism-Leninism’) because of the question of applicability to non-advanced capitalist countries.

Good point.

I had an economics professor who called Marx an excellent historian and sociologist but an awful prognosticator. That seems to be a fair description to me.

When he gets listed among the most evil men of history, it seems fairly ridiculous-he had some ideas that turned out to be wrong, that turned out to be easy to manipulate for horrific ends…but its tough to blame him for that. He was cold in the ground long before the Russian Revolution.

Marx lived off funds generated through Capitalism. After he spent the dowry he gained from marrying his wife - the daughter of a minor junker, he had everything provided for him by Engle’s capitalist family. He also never visited a single factory in his life, and seldom if ever met anyone of the working underclass.

In short he was your stereotypical ivory tower academic who wanted to change the world in some way or another, but had no practical understanding of how the world works, and didn’t want to get his hands dirty.

He wasn’t a satanist, only lazy.

He may have been cold in the ground by the time of the Russian Revolution, but he was alive enough to cheer on the Paris Commune, a short lived Communist society which showed itself just as willing to engage in bloodshed as the later Bolsheviks.
Thankfully it was put down hard.

Too bad he wasn’t in the city to meet the ends so many did under his ideology.

I dont know whether Marx was a socialist. He seems pretty evil to me and what he started was most certainly a terrible evil.

I think there are actually quite a number of successful people given over to evil in a way that the average person might find hard to believe. I just learned that the Jet Propulsion Lap (JPL) was co-founded by an occultist follower of Alistaire Crowley. He was also associated with L. Ron Hubbard. There are some powerful people in this world who believe very much in the power of the occult.

You are quite correct in your judgment that the policies are mostly the same. The Republican are not wrong about the other party’s leaders. They are just lying about the nature of their own party.

I used to pooh pooh the idea that there was some force or philosophy hell-bent on destroying the fabric of western civilization.

Now I think there is: I have seen too much evidence.

Our western/Christian culture is under attack from within and without.

Call it Satan, cultural Marxism, liberalism, spirit of the age whatever: some force is slowly tearing our society to bits while the majority stand round numb and dumb.

Was he a Satanist? Probably not, so few are.

But he was almost certainly a thing of Satan.

No he was not a Satanist.

But John Paul II considered Marx, Hegel, and Nietzsche thee triumverate of man…against God…an analogy…of the anti-Trinity…

I think their ideas worked to replace faith in God and religion instead into faith in man…man the anti-christ.

I also read the writings of Josef Terelya who was in the Gulag in Siberia for defending his faith against communism, and he noted the communists were readers of New Age materials and mind control.

It is amazing how we can rightfully remember what the Nazis did but totally forget or ignore the many millions upon millions, – along with character assassination through disinformation, --who were liquidated under communism.

Great comments all, but I wonder if any of you actually looked at the posted link? Would anyone care to comment on the play Oulanem, or the other alleged Satanic works written by Marx? It does seem like Marx was exploring some Satanic themes early on, and there is no evidence that he repented of them later in life. Given the evil that has been perpetuated in the name of Marxism and then Communism/Socialism I think it’s worth noting it as a possibility. Thanks for posting the link! I think Catholics would do well to be more aware of this.

I think it would be more interesting/informative for people to investigate the exciting world of late 19th Century conspiracy theory.

Otherwise the Great Jesuit/Freemason/Satanist/Carbonari/Jewish conspiracy might get you, you never know!

Or even worse - there’s the freepers, if you want really scary.

karl marx is a bad comedian.

Freepers? I’m going to have to google them!

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