Was Mary an unwed mother?

it has been stated that mary was a unwed mother and I have read some of the feedback on the subject but remain confused.

when Mary was being treid by the priests they stated that she
could be condemmed for adultery or blasphemy. Joseph pleaded with the elders and the high priest said that mary wwas legally and lawfully his wife but what about blasphemy. Asked that he take the flogging for himself and mary which he did.

If they were not married how could they even be chared with
adultery ?

I also question why the lord informed her that she would be
the mother of jesus before she met the requirements of jewish law for marraige or had she already?



Our Blessed Mother was not an unwed mother. She and St. Joseph were married. Where did you ever get the idea that she was tried by the priests or that St. Joseph pleaded on her behalf? This is certainly not in Scripture—nor is it Catholic teaching. You have been reading some apocryphal material on the matter. Read the Luke 1 and then read:


As a Catholic you ought to always begin with legitimate Catholic sources.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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