Was Mary "lucky"?


Surfing through a “Christianity” message board, which, by the way is heavily anti-Catholic, I came across a post that said something to the effect of “…Mary (bless her for being so lucky to carry the Christ child)…” —BTW, the thread is about Mary’s perpetual virginity.—

I wouldn’t call Mary “lucky.” She was strong, obedient in the fullest sense to God’s will all her life (even before the Annunciation), and God knew she would not refuse to bear the Christ child. Now, is this to say that there weren’t other women who would have said “yes” to Him? I’m sure there were; but, were they worthy enough to be given the opportunity? Apparently only Mary was worthy enough to bear the Christ child. This has absolutely nothing to do with “luck.”


Luck was not a factor. To be the Mother of God is the vocation for which she was created.


Hi Magnum,

There was no luck. There was God’s plan and her going along with it :

Blessed is she who believed in the fulfilment of what was told her by the Lord.

Luke 1,45



And so was Abraham. One realy lucky man to be the first Patriarch!! Wow!! Maybe one day I’ll be lucky and God will call me for something too!!!:smiley: :shrug: :eek:




Mary was much more than lucky–she was Blessed!


Luck is renamed when one recognizes their blessings. There is no such thing as luck if you believe in the love of God. So I have to agree that Mary was Blessed. Infinitely Blessed. In all eternity God’s plan for His Son was that He is born of the womb of Mary. This was no luck. No more than we are lucky that we have air to breathe…teachccd


Don’t forget; before Mary could be anything, she had to give her free consent, which she did. Did you ever stop and think where would be if she had not said, "Be it done to me according to your word."
Deacon Ed B


That was God’s grace :slight_smile: God’s grace, & her creatureliness, worked in a most intimate union so that His Will would be done; & that Will was, that she should be faithful to the vocation for which He predestined & chosen & created her.

AFAICS, she is called by the name of her vocation because it is identical with her being :cool:


Born without original sin… she was meant to be the Mother of God from the beginning. So, if you look at her as a normal human, yeah… but she was special from conception.


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