Was Mary perfect?


Following on from a recent thread about the sinlessness (or otherwise) of Mary, does her sinless nature imply “perfection” in every way? If she was spiritually perfect, as is widely believed, need she have been also physically perfect? Could she have had a physical deformity or been born partially deaf, for example?

It might seem a silly question, but it gets to the nature of perfection: does it pervade the entire person?


There is nothing to indicate that Mary was physically perfect. We can assume that she and St. Joseph must have been strong and healthy enough to safeguard our Lord.


Sinless does not equal perfect in every way. I would argue that even Jesus was not perfect and made mistakes, he was like us in EVERYTHING but sin. Jesus was a carpenter and I am sure that while he was learning the trade he cut a board too short or some other mistake that all apprentice carpenters would be prone to making. Cutting the board too short would be a mistake and “imperfect” but surely would not be a sin. Likewise, Mary would have been imperfect and made mistakes, burning dinner by accident or spilling a jug of water maybe, but this is not a sin.


I agree with Oliver above, as Jesus grew in wisdom and knowledge, he must have made errors, but NOT sins.

Mary may not have been physically perfect while alive on earth, but since her glorious assumption into heaven, she now has her glorified body as we all will after the final judgment.

That being said, Mary is the most perfect creation of God and she will excel in EVERY good attribute above every other person in heaven for all time. Therefore, she IS ALREADY and always will be the most beautiful, most loving, most kind, etc


Mary was spiritually perfect since she was conceived without original sin. She must have been tempted to sin & even reject the angel’s request to be the mother of Jesus, but according to the Bible, she did not fail in anything.


Isn’t perfectionism relative?


She is made perfect by Gods grace - hail full of grace - not the same as Jesus. Other Christian faiths think we put Mary the same as Jesus - that is simply not true. By Gods grace.If a person is filled with Gods graces as Mary was what do you think?


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