Was my absolution valid?

When I went to confession today, the priest gave me a bizarre absolution. He said: “By the power given to me by the ministry of the Church, I absolve you of these and all other sins in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Was the absolution still valid, given that I confessed my sins correctly with a contrite heart and carried out the penance he gave me?’

It is without a doubt valid.

Hi salvemater,

It’s definitely valid. The only requirement for it to be valid is that the priest says “I absolve you”.

Be at peace!


That’s good to know. Thank you!

He “absolved” you in the name of the Trinity. You’re fine!

Be at peace.

What’s bizarre? He was just reffering to power given to him by God through Church to absolve sins in the name of the Lord.

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