Was my Confession good enough for my Confirmation?


I’m due to be confirmed into the Catholic Church in the coming week. However, was just a bit concerned about my first confession.

Before deciding to become a Catholic I had lived a pretty bad, selfish life. I knew at the time I was sinning, but coming from a protestant background, didn’t realise about mortal sins versus venial etc… Basically just thought it was all sin and could be forgiven. Over the past year I really began to make a change and wanted to come back to living my faith, and in doing so I decided to convert to the Catholic faith as it seemed to be the one that links back to the original Christians (there’s more to this, but I’m trying to be brief).

I had my first confession this past Sunday and the priest told me just to be general and that would be fine. The trouble is when I think back that I was too general about it and I didn’t specify one particular BIG sin from about a year ago, it just got grouped into the general areas I confessed about. At the time I felt it was fine, and I was not deliberately trying to conceal it. I was just going along with the instructions as best I could. So basically my question is, do I need to confess this big sin specifically before my confirmation or has my confession been valid? Sorry for the lengthy explanation. I just want to make sure I’m starting this journey on the right foot and not piling on more sins before I even start. Thanks for any help you can offer…

Dear friend,

Since you did not deliberately hold back any sins, they have all been forgiven. The next time you go to Confession, you need to mention the one that you meant say as an expression of your sorrow and repentance, even though it has been forgiven. Welcome home!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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