Was my confession invalid?

Good evening.

For the advent season, my parish is offering the sacrament of reconciliation every Wednesday, so today I went to confession, I intended to confess two big sins which I struggle with (masturbation and porn), these sins make me very ashamed of myself… The problem is that the priest wasn’t hearing confessions in the concessionary but instead in the crying room. I was the second person in line. When the first person entered to crying room to confess her sins, I noticed that I could hear what she and the priest were saying…However, I obviously didn’t want to hear what they were saying so I started praying and reading a book… However, the fact that I could hear their voices, made me very self conscious about confessing my two big sins , I mean, I didn’t want the people in line to hear about these horrible sins I’m guilty of, as I result when I was confessing my sins I didn’t make any mention of those sins but instead I said “I’m guilty of not loving God and my neighbor and I should” and “I’m guilty of impure desires”. I think I also said “I’m sorry for these sins and the sins I have forgotten to mention” . now, having omitted those 2 big sins didn’t keep the priest from talking loudly about lust and sex drive… I was sweating as he was saying those things! I wonder if the people who were in line heard him saying those things…

Either way, was my confession invalid?

Note: I am not a theological expert, so someone correct me if I’m wrong.

If a sin is forgotten in the confessional, then it was forgiven. However, it sounds like these sins were willingly omitted, which would mean that the confession is invalid.

If I were you, I would go to confession again as soon as reasonably possible, and confess the two sins that you omitted, then explain that you willingly omitted these sins in your last confession (and explain the circumstances why; they may lessen your moral culpability).

The priest doesn’t have to know the gorey details. If they want to know more, they are not shy about asking. He didn’t. You confessed sexual impurity. He clearly counseled and advised you.
You’ve been absolved.
Worry more about avoiding these sins and repenting of them.

When is the next time you can go to confession? For peace of mind, I recommend that you go and explain your dilemma to a priest. From there, Father can help you.

Sometimes the situation during Confession is not very conducive especially for privacy. I understand how you feel.

As a matter of principle, one has to be truthful in confessing one’s sin, meaning one should not hide anything. If you’re trying to hide something, you would feel doubtful about your Confession like what you are feeling now.

Personally I would suggest you go for a nice Confession, find a time and place, and get it out of your chest. You’d be surprised how therapeutic it can be. :slight_smile:

God bless you.

Good question. I myself struggled with the same sin and still do struggle with the same sin as you do. I once had a bad experience in confession that almost made me leave the church for good. Usually i would go in say my sins and be forgiven and then be told what to do for penance. Only this time this priest said i had to promise God I would never do that again. I told him seriously that I cannot make a promise I cannot keep. He replied “You must or your sins are not forgiven! God will not forgive you for any of your sins unless your promise him right now.”

I tried to tell him where I was coming from. Instead I lied and promised just to get out of there. Sounds bad, but it really happened. It made me really think “no wonder why people leave the Catholic Church.”

The priest was foreign and from Poland. So, I let it slide thinking maybe there is a cultural difference. When I went to confession about 2 months later he didn’t want to hear me before mass. I was last in line and he told me “Sorry I do not have time for your confession. I need to prepare for mass.” He had a half hour before mass! From that moment on I thought to myself I will never go to this man for confession ever again and i rather go to another parish even if i have to drive further.

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