Was my confession valid?

Ok I went to confession tonight. I usually go over to a Monestary close by me because I like the old style confessional confession. Anyways, I made my confession and at the end the priest told me to make my act of contrition. Now I dont know if it was the fact that he was talking, or what happened but…I said the first couple lines of the act of contrition and all of a sudden my mind went completely blank. I couldnt think of anything…what I was doing…what I was suppose to say…nothing. I turned and looked at the wall, where there is a copy of it and I tried to find the place that I had left off, but as I looked at it, it was almost like it didnt make sense. I couldnt think of anything. Then there was silence, I wanted to say that I hadnt finished but I couldnt…so he gave me Absolution and I said “Thank you Father” and left. As soon as I stepped out I said the act of Contrition to myself and then walked to the pew and sat down.

My question is this was my confession valid??? I dont know what happened, it was the oddest thing.
Thanks so much for your help, this is worrying me alot.

Dear Mrs.,

The validity of the sacrament does not depend on whether the person says the act of contrition or not. Your Confession was valid.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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