Was my confession valid?

I am a convert. I went to my first confession during RCIA, but several months before the rest of the class officially went for the first time. I told the priest I was in RCIA, and it was clearly months before Lent when the class officially goes to confession. He was fine with it and gave me absolution. Later my RCIA director also told me my confession was valid. I fully believed the church teachings at the time and had done a lot of outside reading from the class, and identified as Catholic fully already.

But now I keep reading on here that it can’t be valid except at the official RCIA time, so I’m worried. Was my confession valid?


I assume that you were previously baptized. This being the case and assuming that you were instructed on how to confess your sins, the sacrament should certainly have been valid.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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