Was my confession valid?

I went to my appointment for confession today, and I am so glad I went. However, when I went into the confessional room, I did not say “Father forgive me for I have sinned.” I thought the priest would have mentioned it if I needed to, but he didn’t. At the end of my confession when the priest was talking to me, I mentioned that I did not say the “Father forgive me for I have sinned” and he said it was OK.

Also, I had my list of things I wanted to confess in my email on my phone (what I was reading from while confessing), and I did leave out some things… I didn’t think they were mortal so I just didn’t mention them. Although I did mention a lot of venial sins though. Here are some confessions that I did not include:

I told my friend “umm not really” when she asked if I was talking to someone (as in for dating). Kinda making her think I was dating someone I guess

thinking/talking to myself saying brother is a loser

thinking or saying family can go to hell (when I get mad or upset)

saying “f my life”

put ashes on my forehead before mass started on Ash Wednesday

thinking my sister can go “f herself”

Does anyone think these are mortal and that I would need to confess all my sins over again? I did say the most important and tougher sins for me to let out which I am proud, but now I think I should have just mentioned these in case.

Your confession was valid. Your mistake about the opening statement does not invalidate the confession. Only INTENTIONALLY withholding mortal sins will cause the confession to be invalid, or unless the priest does not administer the words of absolution.

As to the other sins you didn’t mention, just mention them at the your next confession, saying they were sins you forgot to confess at your last confession. They have been forgiven, but you do need to confess any mortal sins once you remember them.

As an aside, your priest can better help you determine if those you listed are mortal or venial. It’s tough to make such a determination on the web.

Please try and not develop Scruples , just put your trust in the Lord, and tell Him next time your at Confession, He does not require you to torture yourself but to Trust in Him.
What a good way of doing this is by leaving Confession in a Happy frame of mind.

God Bless and Walk with the Lord.

First off, don’t become scrupulous. Second, that part is not necessary but i would recommend trying to say it when you remember. Third, i would never EVER write down my sins on paper and read from them in the confessional. that is very dangerous, because if someone were to see that paper somehow, well, your sins are laying out there for who knows who to see. just try and remember them as best you can. that is why we make an examination of conscience right before confession. God will forgive any sins that were truly forgotten to be mentioned.

I would discuss this with the Priest at the next confession. He is the one to give correct guidance & direction.

Further, “Bless (not Forgive) me Father for I have sinned” is not strictly required for the modern rite of Confession anyway.


That said, it has always been customary for the penitent to say this, as well as state the time of his last confession, and although the current Rite does not mandate any of these, it is still a good thing to do. But omitting it does NOT invalidate absolution. Listen to your priest.

I’ve heard that opening been said at movies and so on and I thought to myself that its an old version of the confession, but I wasn’t aware that it is mandatory to say in other contries?
Where Im from the rite does not contain that opening at all.
It’s actually not even a alternate way of the confession.
So if you where confessing sins in the confessional in Norway youre confession wouldn’t be considered valid? I mean honestly, come on!

Heartfelt remorse is what’s making a confession valid, not the rehersed words we’re saying during it.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

  • MarianCatholic

That opening was indeed part of the older rite and is the one most people are still familiar with. It’s not illegal to include it at all, in fact, I would say it’s praiseworthy to continue to do so. But omitting it is not illicit either.

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