Was my confession valid?


So I just went to Confession, but it was the strangest Confession of my life…

I went in and began with the introductory rites and then to confess my sins, and after I was done confessing, the priest told me my penance of two decades of the Rosary and to say the act of contrition. I wanted to ask him some advice, and in the middle of my sentence he began to absolve me. I was really confused, and after he absolved me, I said that I didn’t say the act of contrition yet and that I wanted advice for avoiding certain sins.

Even though there was a veil between us, I could still see that his face was becoming visibly annoyed. He said, “It’s two decades! That’s two sets of 10 Hail Mary’s. Now go!” I was so confused. He then sort of snapped and said “Well say it now.” I said the act of contrition and then was about to say something, but he said “You are not merely to say the words, but to express sorrow!” I was even more confused, and afraid I wasn’t actually absolved. He told me to go again, and I said “Thank you, Father.” and left the confessional, but instead of feeling the freedom I usually did, I felt terrible like I wasn’t absolved. I don’t know if I somehow offended the priest. Never before has a priest reacted that way when I wanted to ask for advice. I felt like crying very bad afterwards >__< I really don’t know what was going on, and I really want to know if you guys think that was a valid confession.



Sorry that you had a unpleasant experience in confession. No matter how the priest acts, if you were sorry for your sins, confessed them to the best of your ability without concealing anything and the priest says the words “and I absolve you from all sin…” Then you are absolved. Simple as that. And you don’t even need to hear him say “I absolve you” he can whisper it. Some priests do this while you are saying your act of contrition. That is the other thing… you can say your act of contrition outside of confession. Lots of times The line to confession is packed so The priest will tell me “Do this this and that for your penance and you can say your act of contrition outside in The Church” then he will absolve me. It does not matter how we feel after confession. That does not affect whether the confession was valid or not unless The priest did not absolve us or we know that we made a bad confession by hiding something (I am not saying that is what you did, I was just giving a example) Just be at peace. Forgive The Priest, he could have been having a bad day… priests are people too and some people are just jerks. But give him the benefit of the doubt that he was having a bad day. Be at peace! :slight_smile:

When he said “You are not merely to say the words but to express sorrow” well… you asked for advice so he gave you some. Tell me that you don’t see the humor in that :smiley:


A valid confession requires contrition but the penitent does not have to say an act of contrition out loud. If you confessed and received absolution, you are absolved. Period.

If you need advice, you can ask for an appointment with a priest. You can tell or write the priest that he hurt your feelings if it would make you feel better. I would not get too upset about such human failings. Remember that priests are human, too.


Thanks guys! I understand things better now :slight_smile:


I hope stating validity relieved you.
Pray so God will illuminate your mind and guide you through any remnants of confusion and sorrow .
Also did you forgive the priest ?



[quote=Jack007]I hope stating validity relieved you.
Pray so God will illuminate your mind and guide you through any remnants of confusion and sorrow .
Also did you forgive the priest ?



Thank you very much for the appreciation. I joined very very recently and this was the first post just after signing in. The second is in a thread called benedict medal vs mraculous medal.


Nice to meet you! Welcome to the forum, and you’re welcome - it was a good post! I’ve only been on here for a couple of weeks myself. I posted on that other thread too by the way. :slight_smile: I have found already from being on here that it is always a good idea to refer back to the Catechism after a chat, or before preferably, as there are a lot of very varying opinions sometimes that can leave one a bit befuddled - bit of advice! But it is fun and people are very responsive and willing to share.


Yes, I have forgiven the priest. I pray that he has better days ahead of him and that something like that won’t happen to others who seek absolution from him :slight_smile:




He does if the priest tells him to do so.


Valid confession, and the priest was having a bad day. I would assume it was just a one-time thing and not worry any more over it. If it happens again, it may be time to try and discuss the issue with the priest at a separate time when you have time to discuss the matter properly.

As another poster mentioned, priests are human too, and sometimes have a bad day, even in the confessional.

The important parts happened, and the grace of God was bestowed on you. Go in peace. :thumbsup:


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