was my confession valid?

the stuff is this, I went to confession today, but when i was telling my past sins to the priest he stopped me after some, and told me that past sins were forgiven so i had not to worry about them. so i was worried because I know i have to confess them, and tought i had to say that to the priest. but also now that i think about it on the other hand I know priest sometimes make short the confessions and most likely he knows it also because he did not stop me from the beggining.

so do you think I made a valid confession?

You are scrupulous.

Was this confession with your regular confessor?

If yes, obey him.

If not, make a habit of confessing to a regular confessor. And obey him.

One could do what is called a ‘General Confession’ and confess all the sins in memory from the beggining of their life. If one plans to do this it would probably be an idea to let the priest know from the start.

This time though, if you confessed all the mortal sins you could think of since your last confession I should think it was a good confession.

I cannot say that you’re scrupulous nor can anyone but the person on the other side of the confessional.

Does anyone take a list in with them anymore?

Not recently though it might not be a bad idea in future.

Yeah just don’t get it muddled up with your shopping list.


You may be right, but I think this OP has a history of asking questions that suggest scrupulosity. Whether he is scrupulous or not may not be for any of us to say, but meeting with a regular confessor is definitely the way to go.

Can’t argue with that.

well, i have gone with priest to speak and has helped me greatly, yes I have my issues with scrupules. i was just wondering in this particular case, that if i was obligued to say anything or just staying silent and following his instructions was ok.

yes i had a list, that is why i knew i had some others that i had not confesed(past ones), but the more i think about it I think it was fine for me to remain silent after all. they know better than me. am i right?

Very glad your priest could help you. Having a good confessor is a great blessing.

The question is whether or not you repent. As long as you don’t intentionally withhold anything you are good. God is not sitting there waiting for you to miss one little thing in confession so He can cast you into hell. :wink:

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