Was my confession valid?


Hi everyone. I went to confession this morning but the priest did not have me say an act of contrition. He did absolve me of my sins though. Was my confession valid and am I forgiven or not? :confused:


Since you know that you need to, go ahead and do it. He may have assumed you will take care of it.


Ok I will. But can you tell me if my confession was valid or not? :confused:


Yes it was…


Oh okay. Thank you very much Church Militant! :slight_smile:




yes, the confession was valid and you have been absolved of your sins. get out of the habit of second guessing your confessor, it is spiritually dangerous, and get out of the habit of discussing your confession with third parties, other than a spiritual director, especially anonymously

this question has been discussed quite recently on its proper forum, liturgy and sacraments


I’m sorry. I didn’t know that what I was doing was wrong. :frowning:


I did not say it was wrong, I said it could be harmful, not necessarily the same thing.


Okay. Well I apologize nonetheless. Thank you for the warning.


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