Was my confirmation valid?

I originally asked this in the liturgy section but I think I’d rather have an apologists chime in on it. I was just brought in to the church tonight and my scrupulous nature is in full effect. The confirmation rite wasn’t explained well to us candidates (I am already baptised) and we were told to have our confirmation names written on paper to give to the Deacon when father approaches us. But it was never really explained why we had it. So I had my saint on paper and I handed it to him when he approached, but I was not aware he would say that name and proceed with the rite " X (Saint name) , I seal you etc"… I actually said to the priest that isn’t my name while he was doing it (having thought he mixed me up with someone else) and I didn’t say the right responses as a result. It threw me for a loop. I feel like this is invalid form and as a result not a valid sacrament. When i approached my pastor after mass about it he said I was OK but I still feel scrupulous about it. What should have been a joyous event has been overwhelming stress and anxiety instead.

What do you think? Am I right in my thinking? Should I be requesting to have it redone?

Yes, your confirmation is valid. It is common for the bishop or pastor to say the saint name chosen as the confirmation name when anointing. Your response is not necessary for the validity of the sacrament. The pastor intended to confirm you, it doesn’t matter what name he used.

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