Was my conscience correctly formed?


Suppose I am voting for governor. Candidate A is pro-choice but is for medical insurance for everyone, adequate workmen’s compensation, unemployment compensation, and overtime for workers. Candidate B believes that life begins at conception. However, he has voted to cut unemployment compensation and to cut compensation for injured workers. He has also voted to reduce overtime for workers. I vote for Candidate B because I heard I was going to commit a mortal sin if I voted for Candidate A. However, when I am watching the election returns, I am thinking of all of the women who probably chose to have an abortion because they didn’t have any medical insurance. A part of me (that I can’t control) is hoping that Candidate A will win. My question is, did I really vote my conscience?


Dear Listener,

A woman NEVER has to put her unborn child to death—period. There is no contest here. Every other issue rests on the value of life. What good is social justice, with its compensations and considerations, if we don’t value the human life that it exists to serve? You formed your conscience on the moral teaching of Jesus Christ and you have followed it.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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