Was my first confession valid?

I went to my first confession today and confessed as many sins that I could think of, but I was flustered - it wasn’t the priest I was expecting and I didn’t know what I was meant to say, yet the Priest was friendly and explained the process.

As I was confessing, I remembered I had used contraception within the last few weeks. Not as a contraceptive as I have not had sexual contact which could have led to pregnancy (so my intent was never to prevent pregnancy in the last few weeks), but I used it as a medicine with contraceptive side-effects. I had been silent for a while after the priest invited me to call to my mind my sins, and I was really flustered so I quickly dismissed that one, thinking it wasn’t a sin, and tried to think of another.

I was asked to say the Lord’s Prayer when I went out to the main part of the Church, and I did say it - but I’m worried I didn’t concentrate enough as before I knew it I was outside of the Church still feeling flustered and out of sorts.

When the Priest said the words of absolution I felt suddenly peaceful and happy, a huge uplifting feeling - so I feel that God has forgiven me, but still - did this confession count considering I remembered contraception? I didn’t make a conscious effort to hide it from the Priest, I just didn’t think it counted.

You are right - it did NOT count.

Your “contraception” was not contraception at all, and therefore, not a sin. You need a better understanding of what needs to be confessed and what does not. If you do something that may be a sin in another circumstance, but is not sinful in the circumstance in which you did it, it is not sinful for you and need not be confessed. Do you understand well that using a hormonal medication for non-contraceptive purposes is not sinful?

Your confession seems fine to me. Relax and enjoy the forgiveness!

Yes, it is valid. Blessed are we that God has given us this wonderful Gift. On your next confession you can mention that at your last confession you forgot to list what ever is is that you forgot to mention the last time.

OH and by the way since you did not intented to hide it you have been forgiven. I always end by saying " for these and any sin that I may have forgtten I ask for forgivness." then if I remeber them at my next confession I state them then.

This would be right if there had been any sin at all in what she did not mention, but there was not. She doesn’t need to do anything except understand better what needs to be confessed and what does not.

This is true, but if she feels she needs to confess it she should, let that be between her, her preist, and God. I am not saying it was or was not, just trying to help on how best to handle a situtaion were she may have forgotten to mention a sin. Not makeing a judgement on if this was one or not.

Phew! Thank you for the reassurance everyone. I have remembered several more sins since leaving, it is necessary for me to mention them next time I go to confession or have I been absolved of them also?

I have to admit, my RCIA teachers did not go into a lot of detail when talking about confession. I had no idea what I was meant to do or say. They never really told us how to tell the difference between a mortal/serious sin and therefore didn’t tell us which ones we had to confess.

One more quick question - do you have to tell them how many times you commited a certain sin? I confessed to sexual contact, and he asked me if it was several times and with the same person or not. That confused me a bit.

By the way - I am so glad I am a Catholic! :smiley: This Sacrament is indeed a beautiful one, to be able to reconcile myself with God and be forgiven.

You did not “use contraception.” Contraception is an action taken before, during, or after sexual intercourse to thwart the natural end of the act.

Dear Sister,

Relax, take a few deep breaths. If you receive absolution from the priest any sin you have commited is forgiven, mentioned or not, as long as it was not withheld on purpose. As I said before if you do remeber it later then the next time you go tell the priest I forgot to confess last time such and such. It has already be forgiven, but it keeps us honest. As as humans we do not like to put forth our short coming and it could become habit to “forget” certain sins. I do normally give a number to them if it was more than once but the priest may ask. remember you can not do it wrong if you do it with a open and prayerful heart, with true contrition.

my first confession was like this…

___________________ , too many times to count.

___________________ , too many times to count.

Ha, you get the picture.

LemonAndLime, there are many medicines that can be concidered contraceptives, and doctors may prescribe them for many reasons. Only if you are taking a contraceptive and are sexually active would it be considered sin. As long as you are not sexually active you are ok.

Here is more information about if you forget to confess sins.

The Baltimore Catechism.

Q. 793. Is our Confession worthy if, without our fault, we forget to confess a mortal sin?

A. If without our fault we forget to confess a mortal sin, our Confession is worthy, and the sin is forgiven; but it must be told in Confession if it again comes to our mind.

Q. 794. May a person who has forgotten to tell a mortal sin in confession go to Holy Communion before going again to confession?

A. A person who has forgotten to tell a mortal sin in confession may go to communion before again going to confession, because the forgotten sin was forgiven with those confessed, and the confession was good and worthy.

Q. 795. Is it a grievous offense willfully to conceal a mortal sin in Confession?

A. It is a grievous offense willfully to conceal a mortal sin in Confession, because we thereby tell a lie to the Holy Ghost, and make our Confession worthless.

Baltimore Catechism

Your post made me smile :slight_smile: so true the bit at the end, I doubt God is going to say “Nice try but not good enough!” I trust in his forgiveness and infinite mercy.

Thank you all who have responded. :thumbsup:

You are most welcome. I am so glad I could make you smile.

Hi LemonandLime,

All the posts given here are accurate regarding morality. Just from a medical perspective, if you were put on the pill, you might want to get a second opinion for medical reasons. Consider consulting with a pro-life doctor to be sure that your prescription is really in your best interests. It is my understanding that the pill is overprescribed. There could be a better alternative.

Just a thought. I am not medically trained, and I don’t know what medication you were referring to.

God Bless,

And your posts made me smile! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Congratulations on your first confession! I cannot imagine making a first confession as an adult. So you did exeptionally well. Keep up the good work and God bless you!!

yes. you intended to confess all your mortal sins and did your best to remember them. Be at peace.

Thank you, I was really nervous but it wasn’t too bad! I thought I’d have to say certain things. Is there something you’re meant to say once you kneel down? There was a kind of awkward silence for me. :blush:

Yes. You say, “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been X days/weeks/monrths/years since my last confession”. If it is your first, you would have said, “This is my first confession.” The priest prays a prayer asking that the Lord be in your heart so that you worthily confess your sins as he blesses you. You would then confess your sins.

Anywho, you only need to confess forgotten mortal sins, not venial, should you remember them later. Sins you forget to confess are forgiven. If you forgot a mortal sin, and confess it next time, you could tell the priest that it was your first confession, the current is your second, and you inadvertently forgot to confess it last time. As the others pointed out, you did fine and the sacrament was valid. Congrats on your first reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. :thumbsup:

Thank you, I feel much better for it. :slight_smile:

When I sat down I noticed the awkward silence so I said “Err… this is my first confession” then he asked me how that was and I explained I was baptised and confirmed at Easter as an adult. So you say “Bless me father for I have sinned” and then tell them how long ago your last confession was, got it :thumbsup: in the movies they always say “Forgive me father” but I suppose they weren’t too far off.

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