Was my friend possessed?



I used to have a friend a couple years ago. She told me a story that she and her friends went to a graveyard and did some sort of ouija board thing or something there at some random person's grave.

She said on the car ride back she would keep saying the person's name randomly and it started to freak her out.

Do you think that she was possessed or was she just overreacting? I'm assuming she wasn't crazy or lying.

Can spirits talk through people?

I'm no longer in contact with this person. (thats not the reason though)


I doubt it, but I won't say it isn't possible. I dabbled with these things when I was younger as well and found myself in some horrifying circumstances shortly after...and then again several years later when I began to revert back into the Faith. When one invites the devil to play...he will not be likely to turn down the invitation.


Good answer… and I agree… and also may I add that the devil doesn’t give up either… all he needs is an opening… I would pray for your friend


I have no idea whether or not your friend is possessed. I think the only way that can be authoritatively discerned is through the process that the Church uses. I think she would first have to see a psychiatrist or psychologist and then if it is ruled out that she does not have a mental illness further investigation into the issue could continue. Its up to the appropriate authorities in the diocese to make the determination as to whether or not she is possessed.

Regardless, I would definitely pray for her since opening oneself up to the Occult in such a way is definitely spiritually dangerous.


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