Was my Mother Wrong to do This?


I would like to get some people’s thoughts on this matter. Recently my mom, a Catholic (though a bit lapsed), told me that she took my deceased grandmother’s ashes up to the same cemetary where my grandfather is buried and had her ashes buried next to him. My grandmother was not Catholic; she was a lifelong and committed Protestant who tried out several denominations, finally settling on Presbyterianism. I’m guessing more or less out of respect for my grandmother’s wishes, my mom had a Baptist minister offer a short prayer service before the burial. Were her actions in any way contradictory to Catholic faith? Thank you and God bless.


if your grandmother was not Catholic, and your mother did her best to carry out her mother’s wishes in a manner approved by grandma’s own religion, in what way, shape or form would this by wrong by Catholic teaching? Non-catholics are not bound by Catholic form and rites for funerals.


Good for your mom for having the ashes buried.


No. And I think your mother did the right thing in carrying out her mother’s dying wish. And a completely appropriate wish at that! :thumbsup:


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