Was My Rosary Validly Blessed?


Hello. :slight_smile: Today after Mass, I went up to my pastor and asked him to bless my Rosary. He just made the sign of the cross over it, and didn’t say anything. Is the Rosary validly blessed, or do I need to find another priest and get it re-blessed?

God bless you for answering my question. :blessyou:


A simple sign of the cross suffices for a rosary etc to be blessed.


So, you don’t think your priest knows what he is doing?


I was just making sure it was validly blessed.

As to your question, some priests do not know what they’re doing. For example, there has been some cases of priests not giving valid absolution in confession due to invalid form. They weren’t saying “I absolve you.”


WOW, bben15, that’s some hubris you’ve got going on, there! :rolleyes:

You are not even Catholic yet. Have you experienced a priest giving invalid absolution, or are you just spreading rumors from the internet, or something you’ve heard?

And we wonder why we have a priest shortage…
this attitude is disgusting. :mad:


Some people have asked questions on this forum regarding priests giving invalid absolution. I am simply transmitting what they have said.

Is it possible to ask a simple question on here without getting into a discussion over whether we are being charitable or not?


An issue would seem to be a possible relationship between seeing such questions posted here, and engendering concern among the laity about questions of “valid form,” whether in sacraments or sacramentals, such doubts not normally being something “on the radar” of the a average layperson.


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