Was My Silence a Mortal Sin?

Today I went to confession then Mass. As I received the body of Jesus, I went to receive his blood. I noticed some spilling on the floor. The man who was holding the cup was old and his hands were very shaky. The thing is he didn’t seem to notice. And the wine they used was white so it was almost invisible. I went and sat down waiting for someone to notice and do something, no one seemed to notice. I sat worried about people stepping on it. They probably did. The Mass ended, people left, lights was out, I’m still sitting there waiting for someone to notice. Finally I got up and went to one of the men turning off the lights and closing and told him. He thanked me and went right away to get the priest. They both came back hurrying to the spot where the blood was, but I left hearing the man telling the priest that I was the one noticing it. I felt better that I finally told them. But now I’m worried my silence at first being a mortal sin. I mean that is the blood of Christ. But I really did not know what to do. was I supposed to stop the communion? People were waiting behind me.

If it is a mortal sin I won’t be able to confess it till next wednesday, cuz the next confession is on Saturday and I have work. It would mean I wont be able to receive communion on our Lady’s Assumption and on Sunday. :frowning:

I appreciate everyone’s replay.

You reported it, albeit you think you should have done it sooner? You probably would have felt the same way had you waited five minutes or even two minutes. I think it’s commendable that you reported it at all; I’m concerned that no one else thought of reporting it but then they might have trained their eyes not to watch for any spillage of the sacrament. You still did the right thing IMO; what else could you have done without appearing to disrupt the service? I wouldn’t call it grave matter under the circumstances.

One of the requirements for a mortal sin is that you have to know something is wrong and then choose to do it anyway. Since you didn’t know what to do, it’s not a mortal sin.

However, if something like that happens again, get some help right away. I had a similar incident happen at Mass – someone receiving communion jostled the EMHC’s arm and some of the Precious Blood splashed on the minister and the floor. She didn’t seem to know what to do about it so I grabbed an usher, told him what happened, and he got purificators so we could deal with it (temporarily with purificators during Mass and then making sure the priest knew afterward so it could be dealt with thoroughly). I was very unsure of “butting in” at the time – was I overstepping my proper bounds? – but I didn’t want anyone to step in the Precious Blood. If it happened again I would not hesitate to get an usher, or at a weekday Mass where there probably isn’t an usher I would interrupt the communion line so the EMHC could take care of the problem.

You did not sin. You simply lacked knowledge on how to handle this. You can always point this out to the Eucharistic Minister who spilled the wine. (Blood of Christ) He/She then should know (training) to cover the spot with the linen they use to wipe the chalice.

When Mass is over, this then allows the Priest or the Minister to know where the Blood Christ has been spilled so it can be properly cleaned up.

So, this experience has helped you learn something. If this happens again, just please tell the EM right away. You are doing just fine.

I really did not know if I should interrupt the communion line or not. I’ve only heard of the body falling on the floor and a lady stop everyone and knelt on the floor and picked up with her mouth. In my old church we weren’t allowed to touch the body, only receive it our mouths from a priest. But I’ve never heard of the blood spilling. I just feel horrible at the moment. I should’ve told the man who spilled it and he could’ve done something :((

Why would anyone train their eyes not to watch for any spillage of the sacrament?

Exactly. Yet how many saw the same thing you did?

I think it was only me. How could anyone see it and walk away just like that?
I don’t know why God would put me to such tests. I rarely pass his tests. I’m not a strong person and I’m very shy. I knew staying silent was wrong, but I just couldn’t disrupt communion.

Thank you everyone. I think I’ll just keep :banghead: till I go to confession next Wednesday.

For what it’s worth, I really don’t think you need to confess this. You made a mistake and you would handle things differently in the future. If you wanted to do something positive, perhaps you could consider making a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and letting Christ know how much you love him. And then be at peace.

You were strong enough to bring it someone’s attention eventually. As well as make us aware of such happenings. Who knows, it might have prevented a future catastrophe or two. You didn’t fail.

Honestly, most people don’t know what to do. One time, an EMHC (who only has one hand), accidentally spilled some of the Sacred Blood on my shoe. I told the priest, and there really wasn’t anything that could be done (I was wearing running shoes, and the top of the shoe is mesh - so it soaked into the shoetop). He told me to not worry about it - there was nothing that could be done. The reason why no one saw it is because, usually, it’s only a couple of drops that fall. It’s much easier to notice a host fall to the ground. Be at peace - you told the priest when you had the opportunity.

Please do not feel as if God is trying to trip you up, or is inclined to judge you harshly.

Also please be assured that if anyone stepped upon the Precious Blood, no harm came to Jesus on that account. They did not know, and He is far too powerful to be injured by that.

So let’s not make the situation more complicated. You experienced an internal conflict because, on one hand, you have great reverence for the Precious Blood and, on the other hand, you did not want to disrupt the liturgy. That was your dilemma. You handled it well. You handled it as best you could, since this was the first time it ever happened to you. If you find yourself in a similar situation another day, you will know then what to do.

Therefore it does not appear to me that there was any sin. That is, nobody committed any sin. Clearly, however, you are worried, so you should discuss it with a priest when you next have an opportunity, be it confession or just a conversation when you see him.

Peace be with you.

Thank you all for your support. So I can receive the Lord tomorrow right?

But when we say the Act of Contrition, don’t we usually say 'but most of all because they offend thee, my God"? That He is all-powerful is not really the rationalization required in this case IMO.

Thank you for your nice words. I know God didn’t want to trip me. But I was wonder why would he choose such a test for me? I’ve had worries before that I would drop the cup while receiving the blood. I worry a lot. So was wondering why this particular test for me. Whats more no one noticed but me!!! But I know he loves me and I hope I didn’t fail the test. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the voice that was telling me to just walk away. Maybe he wanted to test if I would really leave without telling anyone.

I’m just so relieved was not a mortal sin. I can’t stand going to Mass but not being able to receive our Lord.

Thanks you everyone for your help :slight_smile:

You are right. I’ll work on a better rationalization. :wink:

You did not commit a mortal sin according to the formulation presented by the Catholic Church in the CCC.

In order to commit a mortal sin, you must have:
•Mortal sin is a sin of grave matter
•Mortal sin is committed with full knowledge of the sinner
•Mortal sin is committed with deliberate consent of the sinner

I am not sure any of these qualifications could be met. Is waiting to tell someone a “grave matter,” I would say no, but I suppose someone may interpret that as a yes. Did you commit the sin with deliberate consent? Clearly not. You actually deliberately did the opposite. Full knowledge? You clearly knew something was wrong about the situation, but even now, you don’t even know whether you committed a sin or not. In order for you to commit a mortal sin, you must know at the time you commit it that you are committing a sin. There are exceptions, such as feigned ignorance, etc. but you definitely don’t have to worry about those since you are clearly sincere.

In my humble opinion you did not sin. It seems to me that you are (understandably) because of your obvious love and reverence for the Eucharistic Lord, looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

This is how I see it: What you should take out of this is that your faith in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (Body and Blood) is very strong and rightly so. I am sure that this is what the Lord cares more about.

We all come across new situations which we are unsure of how to best deal with and this was one of those. You are innocent. Receive the Lord tomorrow and be at peace. Thank Him for your great faith in His real presence.

While sloppiness or lack of proper reverence when dealing with the Eucharist is always wrong and detestable, this was not such an occurrence; it was an accident. Pure and simple. Jesus is strong enough to deal with this. No disrespect or irreverence was intended.

My heart is gladdened to know that you have such a strong faith in Our Lord’s Real Presence in the Eucharist in which He is truly present. As the Lord knows your heart I am sure this is what interests Him, not how you handled a very difficult and new situation.

Well every sane faithful Catholic knows of the true presence of Jesuse in the Eucharist. Threrefore they should know ignoring what happen to me is a grave sin. And yes a small part thought maybe it’s not that big a deal. And that since poeple are not doing anything means it isn’t a grave matter, and that I sould ignor it as well. I waited to the end to see if the Man who spilled the blood would tell the priest. I waited till HE left, then I knew that no one else noticed but me. And I knew this is not something I can just ignor! It was a big deal. I thought I should wipe it myself, but it’s not just some wine to wipe and through away the tissue. It’s Jesus!! I went to that other man at the end and told him.

But I should’ve told the man when he spilled it. I thought he ignored it! I thought If he doesn’t think it’s a big deal then it’s nothing to worry about, he would know better right? And then I thought that I can’t just stop communion. I was wrong I should’ve.

As for If I did know how grave the matter was. Yes and no. I was having a huge conflict inside me I didn’t even pay real attention to the priest when he ended the Mass cuz I was thinking about the blood. Of course I know now that I should tell someone right away. But was my hastation a sin? i just feel bad and very sad for not caring enough for the presious blood of my Lord whom I love dearly. I’m so upset with myself. And have no idea what to do tomorrow.

I take the position that if I’m not disposed correctly, I refrain from communion. If I’ve just had a traffic ticket or a fight with my wife, chances are that my focus won’t be where it should be, and therefore I’ll postpone communion to another time, another date. We aren’t required to receive communion but we are required to attend Mass. If you feel communion will only compound the guilt feelings, then what would be the sense of receiving?

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