Was Pascal Catholic?


I saw a few things online that say Blaise Pascal was Catholic. If this is true, why isn’t he a Saint, and why is he not mentioned more on these boards? Isn’t he a pretty big name in Christianity?


This may help: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaise_Pascal



Most people on the forum are Catholics - but are all of them going to be canonised :smiley: ? Only a few holy people ever are canonised - which is one of the reasons we have the Feast of All Saints: it is in honour of all the holy people whose names may be unknown or forgotten on earth, but are not forgotten by God.

To answer your first question, he was indeed a Catholic; as for the second, the names mentioned are the names people know about, or think are important enough to mention, or have some reason to mention. Pascal is mentioned occasionally, but usually in connection with “Pascal’s Wager” - less often as the author of his criticisms of Jesuit ethics. If there were a few threads on the 17th-century French Jesuits, or on the Jansenist controversy, or on the history of the doctrine of mental reservation, he might be mentioned more often.

Have you done a search for him ? ##


He supported Jansenism, and wrote strongly in defense of Jansenism. Since Jansenism was a heretical movement, it’s understandable that he’s not held up as a model Catholic most times :smiley:

Peace and God bless!


Yes I had. Wiki just recently added him as a Catholic, and his page didn’t have enough hinting at his Catholicism (I’d assumed such a religious’ mans affiliation would be easy to find). I found a few other sites that had said so, but I couldn’t figure for the life of me why he just wasn’t bigger is all.


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