Was Pope Francis involved in the cover-up


This moral appeal for the Pope to resign is devastating. It asks the Holy Father to confess his sins, sack those errant cardinals and bishops, and cleanse the church before finally himself resigning


There is a lot of conflicting information going around right now, and a lot of conflicting opinions. The instantaneous jump to “the Pope should resign” is mostly coming from those who didn’t like him before this.


This piece by Voris is not a “conflicting opinion.” It asks the Holy Father to confess his sins, sack those errant cardinals and bishops, and cleanse the church before himself resigning


If the pope made an error in judgement and if the pope was mislead by McCarrick as many others were, he should apologize, but I see no reason for him to resign.

The pope is human just like the rest of us.


The fact that he calls for resignation before all the facts are out and have been examined, is most certainly an “opinion,” and most certainly conflicts with the opinions of those who want solid evidence.


Vigano says Francis knew


If one person accused you of something, you’d be fine if everyone jumped on that without waiting for actual evidence. That’s very unusual, but hey, you do you.


What is your purpose for posting this opinion piece?


I did not expect Pope Francis to give a lengthy comment when just being off the cuff when speaking to the press from the airplane, because a lot of serious things are being discussed here.

That said, he has the right to respond, and I think he should. I was disappointed when he did not respond to the Dubia so I’m not sure what to expect as far as what he’ll say if he does.

I will be surprised if he resigns though. I’m not really expecting it and personally I’m not comfortable making that call. I will pray for him in any case.


What the Pope may wish to do is up to him. I just pray that all facts come to light , the cardinals and bishops involved in the cover up and abuse be sacked and reforms initiated(including seminary reform ).

Just resigning and leaving the problem to someone else won’t fix it. If there is such a powerful lobby in the vatican(which i believe there is), don’t you think that would influence who they would elect as the next pope?


The purpose is that we need to pray, as a church, that Francis answers these allegations. He has repeatedly said that he would operate a zero tolerance policy, and has not implemented it


One person saying something about another person is hardly enough to demand the resignation of the Vicar of Christ!


And you think that this opinion piece is going to accomplish that? Not likely, thanks be to God.


The more serious the problem, the less hasty our decisions and accusations should be.




And the appeal agrees with you. This moral appeal for the Pope to resign asks the Holy Father to confess his sins, sack those errant cardinals and bishops, and cleanse the church before finally himself resigning. It won’t be a quick process


It’s unprecedented and Vigiano has a lot of credibility.


While I agree with this. Voris has been right about gay clergy and cover up for a number of years.Pope Francis may have had good intentions and given a bad hand to deal with, but nonetheless we are where we are and something must happen


Benedict seems to have imposed sanctions on McCarrick, which Francis reversed. Vigano is either lying or being honest. We need to pray but also demand the truth.


Unfortunately, the fact that he brought guys like McCarrick and Danneels back to the forefront (not to mention making Maradiaga his right hand man, who blamed media reporting on the scandals on deflecting attention from Israel), promoted their protoges, and both bragged of getting him elected, gives a lot of credence to the allegations sadly.

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