Was Rabbi Ovadia a facist

Was Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia held to high regard, when he had such radical facist views. If the papal chair had made as shocking statements as
Rabbi Ovadia , there would have been international outrage (As Always). I think this is a double standard;

Is this part of what Jesus had pronounced, in John 15:21.

Yes: I know this man has been dead for 4 or 5 years roughly.

First provide evidence of his so-called radical fascist views (ridiculous) and then perhaps someone can respond.

Yes, not only was Rabbi Ovadia Yosef held in high regard, but his funeral was the largest in Israeli history with over three-quarters of a million attendees from all walks of life in Israel. To put that in perspective the total Jewish population of Israel is about 6.2 million.

He is famous among religious Jews for having his quotes taken out of context and ridiculed by secularists for political reasons. They hated him because he created a powerful Orthodox political party that gained the loyalty of most Sefardic Jews in Israel.

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