"Was Saint Joseph Happy?" An article

“Even in death, as the Church has proclaimed, Saint Joseph was happy. Saint Joseph knew that he was going to be with Jesus and Mary again in a place where there are no good-byes. Saint Joseph died happy. Saint Joseph lived happy.”


And while living on earth angels talked to him. How blessed!


He was married to the absolute best woman on Earth and his foster Son was the second person of the Trinity so I would think He was pretty happy. God gave him the responsibility of taking care of Mary and Jesus so God must have thought very highly of him.


Thank you for this wonderful post.

If I may offer some edifying commentary…

I prayed to St Joseph for help while working on a project all last fall… it was a prayer project I undertook all by myself, and I let St Joseph be my guide… It took a lot of work and wasn’t necessarily easy, but while all this was going on - it was incredibly enjoyable and I was unexplainedly happy at times…

I stopped praying to him at some point, and my spirits went down… the project work slowed up… and I’ve been kind of idling where I left off… I have actually been wondering if that happiness wasn’t coming from St Joseph’s intercession… It’s literally like I could sense it…

Methinks it is worth revisiting the 30 days prayer… :slight_smile:

Thank you for validating my thoughts and rekindling an inspiration to pray to him!


I have often thought about this and am tempted to present the case that St Joseph may not have been a happy man. However such a theory is bound to make some people get emotional therefore I will just post some early paintings depicting the nativity of Christ.

nativity-of-christ-icon-443 (1)

Many early paintings such as these depict an unusually depressed looking Joseph.

St. Joseph was doing God’s will, so I am sure he was happy.

Very wise :wink:

Im not really sure what im allowed to say on this forum. I’ve been banned and had posts deleted but without explanation its hard to know why.

Anyway see those paintings, I started seeing them and noticing peculiar similarities that is not seen in modern nativity scenes.
First is that Joseph looks old and depressed.
Second is that there appears to be two holy childs.
And third is that Mary and baby Jesus is always depicted in a cave.

Turns out that this was the prevalent depiction of the nativity in the early days up to about 600AD and is based on the Protoevangelium of James. It talks about Mary’s immaculate conception and the birth of Christ. All those similarities come from that book including the claim that Jesus was born in a cave.

It may sound absurd but the fact is we don’t know for sure that Jesus was born in a barn, there a decent arguments for the cave and even a house.

Anyway im not attacking any of the RCCs teachings im just making an observation.

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All art works are the opinion of the artist. I think the important fact is Jesus was laid in a manger. A food trough. Which points to the bread of life discourse in the sixth chapter of John. I believe Joseph had a happy death with Mary and Jesus attending to him. Happiness is not the goal anyway. Joy is!

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