Was Satan a dinosaur?

I’m laughing my butt off already. Sorry for the funny title!

But really, was Satan a dinosaur when he tempted Eve in the garden of Eden?
Why do I believe this?

  1. The reptilian nature of both snakes and dinosaurs
  2. God said to Satan, “You shall crawl on your belly.”

Point number 2 tells me that a transformation took place. From now on, you shall crawl on your belly. Some dinosaurs were pretty small, and could it have been a small one tempting Eve? Not a T-Rex or anything lol Eve would have booked it if a T-Rex tried talking to her.

lol looking for serious answers here folks. Feel free to have a little fun, but no zombie unicorns sorry!!

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He appeared as a zombie unicorn. The snake thing was added later after people realized that “zombie unicorn” made it sound like the Bible was written by a bad black metal band.


In Genesis, the serpent was a real created creature, a flying serpent/reptile, a “dragon” as is known. What specific type, I cannot say for certain, yet.

However, the serpent was not the fallen angel, Lucifer/Satan, but was merely the vehicle or Medium of the devil to speak through.

Today, there are thousands of such Mediums, called Media … whom the devil works through.

Dinosaurs evolved into birds. They are more closely related to bald eagles than reptiles. Some had feathers. Some flew.

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Quick easy answers.

  1. Dinosaurs were not reptiles. See @FiveLinden’s post.
  2. Dinosaurs had legs. Snakes don’t have legs. That explains why they crawl on their belly. Think about it.
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Dinosaurs disappear millions of years before the appearance of human beings.


What if I told you that some are still around? (and I don’t mean the ridiculous idea of ‘chickens’ or ‘alligators’)

You must be kidding. Did you just send me a FOUR HOURS link from a sketchy source? Please go to a natural history museum near were you live with a good section about dinosaurs.


Not kidding. Its actually several videos all rolled into one. You don’t have to view all of them. Just consider the first 30 minutes or so.


Shorter (didn’t want to discriminate):

Alligator gar are living dinosaurs.

Spoonbill (paddlefish) are dinosaurs.

An opossums lived alongside dinosaurs and haven’t evolved since then. That they’ve survived this long without changing points to the possibility that they are the true pinnacles of creation.


Wait, this thread is real? I thought April Fools came early.


One man’s “joke” is another man’s “woke”.


Dude. In my post, I hypothesized that dinos turned into snakes because god said that whatever “Creature” satan used would henceforth crawl on its belly. Doesn’t a transformation seem evident?

We’re just hypothesizing…


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I would laugh at you and move on to a different conversation elsewhere, most likely.


Issue with this is that we know what dinosaurs eventually became. As has been said, they weren’t reptiles. Reptiles also existed at the time. Much more likely the serpent was originally a reptile, not a bird, considering that by Adam and Eve’s time the dinosaurs had all become birds.

you can benchmark the evolutionary period in history by the onset of the first man… Adam and Eve were human, not cromags, so no satan (as a serpent) couldn’t have been a dinosaur, unless he was something like a crocdile type of “modern” dinosaur…

Maybe he gave rise to modernism?

But - he - satan is actually an angel… a fallen angel, formerly known as Lucifer in his Heavenly State, but - as any angel - he is an immortal and eternal being…

Angels have been known to take on corporeal forms… Raphael guided Tobit on his journey in human form… And, then, others have wings, like birds…

But to say the serpent was a dinosaur - I think you’d probably need to know what DNA structure actually constituted a dinosaur… which I dont think is possible because DNA breaks down over time, if I have it right… besides we dont have a sample of the serpent’s DNA…

Therefore, no… satan wasnt a dinosaur in Eden…

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