Was Simon the Magnus, the first false prophet


Was doing some interesting reading on this guy yesterday, Im not sure how he was able to trick so many people? It seems his true god was money from the accounts I read, but oddly some of the stories varied greatly about him, but I think some of it is confusing with the apostle Simon, as Simon Magnus himself admitted the true God was more powerful than who or whatever gave him his powers.(Satan).

The story I liked the best was when he apparently rose into the air in front of everyone and some of the apostles started praying and he fell to the ground.


Nope, he wasn’t. And you are getting most of these stories from the Apocryphal Acts of Peter.


Yeah, Simon Magnus was interesting. I recall in the book of Acts that he believed and was baptized but later in the chapter it states that he didn’t receive the Holy Spirit when he was baptized. :shrug:


Umm, he was Simon Magus, not Magnus.

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